The Lounge 10k Post Edition


G looks like Uncle Sam aka slave master.
cracker mother fucker. as in the guy cracking the whip.

“whats your name boy?”



Poetic justice. Killer gets killed!!!


Damn man these Gods still got it! A legendary first to 7. MVC2 aka True Mahvel is a game I will never be tired of watching.

But something about the aftermath…


I may be super late because I don’t keep track of FGC drama but when Persia was interviewing Yipes post-game he wouldn’t even give her a millisecond of eye contact. Is there bad blood?


G is hype as fuck actually.

Bad Blood is the nice way of putting it. Not an amicable break up. Wasnt Yipes’s faults that the other parties involved picked a diff char for training mode…if the digital streets are to be believed.

Either way: dont take your girlfriend to your hobby or she may be your ex all up in your hobby.


Having kids in your teens and early 20s must be the worst. Just end it then and there.


Having kids is awesome.

Which I’d known how much I was going to enjoy being a father. If I had, I’d started earlier and gone for a bigger family tbh.


How early would you have had your first child if you could go back?


I would’ve rearranged everything and started at 27-28.

A lot of that was mental though. Teenagers to early 20s people having children is almost always disastrous. Babies raising babies type of situation.

I didn’t want children for a long time. Then I saw a friend of mine with his new kids and it gave my mind a 180. You need to have the proper frame of mind that your life ain’t about you anymore once you have a kid. Doesn’t mean that you don’t do some of the things you used to, just that your child will take priority for a lot of a lot of things.

It really helps that my wife is an amazing mother. Just watching my wife interact with our daughter has been an experience unto itself. All in all, there seems to be this push for selfishness that has existed to malign parenting.

Also apparently today is the day I joined this godforsaken place back in 08. Y’all can kick rocks.


27-28 is perfectly fine.
My comment was about teens to like 24.

Like you said, babies raising babies.

Also I would have missed so much arcade time.


Happy Left Handers Day to all my fellow Southpaws…


Wait you mean my Cousin who got his girl preggors at 14 was fuckin up?


I didn’t know you were a lefty! I am too! Woo! If we were born a generation or so earlier we would have been shunned for our gift. If we were born even sooner people would have thought we were the devil.


I remember being forced to write with my right hand by my 2nd grade teacher…it was tragic.


I should feel ashamed that I didn’t even know this was a thing.


yeah, apparently I was originally left-handed, and at daycare or whatever they “fixed” that problem. There was a time when left-handed kids were actually forced to use the right hand so they could be more like the right-handed majority.

*it would be funny if someone named their child Bubba the Boo-Boo Ball.


My school never tried to make me write right handed thankfully. I just had to take a fuck ton of Motor skills classes since I was a lefty in a righty’s world. Fuck righty.


Not our fault you’re an abberation.


Was also forced to write with right hand, my writing has always been crap probably due to it, but I’m kind of ambidextrous in some things.


Left handed guy represent!

I use a mouse and throw a ball with the right hand though.