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You’d be thrown off at Disneyland. The Frozen stage show has had a variety of races/ethnicities do all kinds of characters. A black Elsa and Hispanic Anna have done the characters. Try explaining to a little white girl how that works.


That is because modern Disney has come a long way from…


Until they ditch the Minstrel mascot, Disney can go eat a bag of mixed ethnicity dicks, and go die in a fire.

Modern Disney simply prioritizes an appearance of Classism over Racism.

They still hate minorities.

But if you’ve got the money…


Damn, cheerleaders own you for free!!!

Here’s the same chick that someone posted earlier cosplaying as Menat!!!


What about the black dude who tried to steal asian womens purse?


You are exactly right. I know others will hate you for saying this too. But that thing of marriage ending is divorce 50% of the time and such? That’s part of it as well.



Edit: One of the replies from the tweet above lol


So at work yesterday some dude tried to convert me to Christianity (I’m an atheist)

As I was ringing him out I did the usual “hello, how are you today?” Shtick and he replied “oh blessed” (I hate that word.) and after a few minutes he randomly asks me “Do you go to church, Stuart?” I told him “ no.” He was like “what are you doing Sunday? You should come to my church! “ I replied “No thanks. Church isn’t really my thing” he asked me “why not?” I told him “I don’t believe in church really. I’m an Athiest” he went from happy and cheery to sheet white and in panic mode. He shouted “what?! That’s just wrong! You definitely need to go to church! You need to believe in something. How else are you going to get into heaven?” I replied “well, I don’t really believe in heaven. So I’m not too worried about it.” He very hastily and with much concern in his voice replied “you definitely need to come to my church! We can turn you into a god fearing Christian in no time! Our preacher is amazing! The word of god is amazing! How can you not believe in something?” I replied “Sir I believe in many things. Religion just isn’t one of them” at the end of the transaction he was told me “I’m sorry that you’re blind to Jesus’s light and I hope you find something to believe in. My family will pray for you tomorrow at church” I told him “please don’t but I hope you have a nice day”

The Bible Belt man, I’m telling yah.


I remember doing a project in Washington state in a town where there’s a pretty big Evangelical community. I was staying at a hotel and the clerk was this young girl going on about how the dinosaurs were fake and the world is only 7 thousand years old. Conversation started because she asked why I was staying there and I told her I’m an archeologist. I could hardly keep myself from laughing in her face.


I would have laughed in her face. No question


Did he (or you) throw in a “Hi-diddly-ho!” or an “Okalie-dokalie!”?



ten characters



i actually had a similar experience recently.
with my friend.
hmm. i hope that this isnt wrong to say…but its an interesting story so…should i?
fuck it.
i dont think im breaking any like, bro bond since i dont think he is secretive about his faith, at least by the way he talks about it 24/7
this guy.
the lead singer of this rock band, is my steam friend. we played SF4 together for idk, since 2012. since AE dropped.

i actually posted this in the vg thread.
but without what im about to tell ya. right now.

so this guy and me played very often. SF. we would hang in my lounge. message each other. basic chit chat about SF. hes a Vega btw.
i think of him as a friend. online friend. but bros no doubt.
anywho, couple days ago i get a steam message from him askin me about a opinion of his song. oh yea, i had no idea my steam friend was a rock star the whole time.
so i tell him yea man its great which his songs are. total pro. but i didnt know he was a real pro musician. thought he was an amateur but sounded pro.
then he tells me his music backstory and how he was in a rock band. then i ask him why he didnt tell me sooner, but he doesnt reply.

so anyway, jump to next day. i get curious about the dude so i research the guy and i find out he left the group just a couple years later after that hit song. so im like…wtf? why would you leave when youre on the verge of possibly getting very big. like maybe even big big.
doesnt make sense.
so jump to the day after.
we talk but i dont ask why he left a successful rock band on the possible verge of getting really big.
find out, he had…
issues. felt empty inside. felt like the dark side of the business was consuming him.
next thing i know he tells me.
hes a born again/evangelical.
i’m like “ok, thats cool.”
but then it was like opening pandora’s box.
cuz once he got that off his chest about being religious, ohhhh boy.
literally, like every other sentence was “jesus this, jesus that”
“god this, god that” like a fanatic. like…really really over the top fanatic. i havent heard someone interject jesus into every other sentence since kurt warner who use to be the quarterback of the st. louis rams.
if youve ever heard kurt warner talk. it was that bad with the jesus freak talk.
and im like “you know dude, i respect your faith and everything. and i can tell your passionate not just about your music but about your faith and all…but can you do me the favor of pulling back on the throttle there guy? like, you dont need to mention jesus or god or religious talk every other sentence. and the way you keep talking to me, i’m feeling like youre trying to preach to me, which i sorta dont need cuz tbh i do have a education on the christian faith since i went to catholic school and studied it for years. like can you tone it a bit down for me?”
and he got all…sensitive and was like “i’ll treat you like a secular from now on” and i’m like “lol, dude c’mon man, you dont need to act differently around me now. just be yourself. i’m just saying your preaching to the wrong guy. youre tryin to teach me something i already know and your being redundant when you dont realize you are.”
but i will say this. he fascinated me. the whole rock star turned jesus freak thing.
so i made a mistake i ended up feeling bad about.
i made the mistake of psychoanalizing him to his face. and i said, “yunno, from what i gather dude, based on everything you told me. it seems you went from being addicted to sex drugs rock n roll fame fortune and pride…to jesus. all you did was replace your addiction not get rid of or work on your addictive personality type.”
ohhhhh boy. i shouldnt have said that cuz that really pissed him off.
in hindsight. i was wrong because, no one likes to be psychoanalized to their face, especially when theyre not even asking for it. i made a mistake. which i apologized for when i started thinking back how incredibly obnoxious that was for me to do.
i know i wouldnt like my friend psychoanalizing my own behavior to my face without even asking for it.
i think i wrecked our friendship. i hope not. i love the guy and we’ve “known” each other since 2012.
thats a long time but i didnt know much about him till recently so all the new info really was mindfucking me.
nice guy. great guy. passionate guy. a good online bro. but im a bit thrown for a loop by the whole, you know. sex drugs and rock & roll into jesus fanatic thing.


I am really not into the style of music your friend plays nor am I religious, but I do find your story fascinating. What I wonder about is whether he kept his love of music and if he ever used his musical talents in church. I used to know a guy in high school named David who contributed his musical talents to his local church’s gatherings and he seemed real happy about it.

I personally don’t consider religion to be bad so long as it does not prompt any confrontations and provides a sense of community to the life of an individual. Its not for me, but I could say the same thing about most social events.


yea, he’s still a musician. and no i am pretty much 100% sure he never sang in church as a kid since he said he had switched faiths, like 6 times in his life includig buddism, till he settled on jesus. he wasnt always that into christianity. maybe religion in general.
as to whether he does music at his local church, i’ll guess so? idk.


damn, this story is bizarre and hilarious for so many reasons… and oh yes T. Sotomayor is back on the scene, apparently (seems like he disappeared from youtube for a while)

*sidenote—interesting that…assuming the shit is even real… she basically admitted (on television) to taking advantage sexually of a drunk person…and of course I guarantee you nothing really happened to her after such an admission.

…but there’s no gender-based double-standard or anything, right? naaaaaah it would be silly to think such a thing.


His channels got flagged so frequently that he just said fuck it and went over to Twitch.


I had the same experience, but with different results. I was walking around Atlantic ave in Brooklyn around 10pm (i was headed to the A train) and 2 of these guys just went right in front of me and talked about Christianity. The first guy shook my hand and gave a very tight grip and proceeded to talk to me about Jesus and offerings or something. Then another hits me at the back of my head, and all 3 of them jumped me and took my wallet.

I managed to go to police to make a report and it turns out they’ve had other victims. They were eventually caught and put to jail, but for some reason they pulled the race card.
Yes, they were black.


What a cluster fuck…

Why we still in the middle east???

20/20 hind sight we should have never went…

We’ll be there until Earth blows up or humans become extinct…




Phillip Scott from Advise Show Media/

since you mentioned T. Sotomayor