The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Hey, now - don’t diss Biff.

He is the sole (sic) of eloquence compared to Trump’s heel.

Not even a truckload of manure could make him anywhere nearly as full of shit.

And he’s only an attempted rapist.


The fuck is an attempted racist? you either are or aren’t.



Holy fuck that typo.

I meant RAPIST.

Because he gets knocked the fuck out by George.

Whereas Trump IS a rapist.

…and a racist.

Come to think on it, racism is the one common thread between Biff and Trump.


Trump is a convicted rapist?


The same way Aaron Burr was a convicted murderer.

Except Americans/the Electoral College back then had the decency to NOT elect him.

C’mon, man.


Is Baron McFly going to save the future?


He already did.

This is the Future Saved.



Secret Santa is up, go sign up!


Yaaaaas my favorite part of the year



thats as karma as karma gets


It would take a rather staggering lack of situational awareness.

Karma is laughing at it, like Karma itself is getting roasted on a blooper reel highlight, run by Comedy Central.


Wild guess. That lawmower thing happened in Florida?



Same difference, less beaches.

The truly hilarious part is that pops violated his probation.


On now!!!


I’m so fucking tired. I was up from 3am to about 7am with an upset stomach and I just woke up about 10 minutes ago to get ready for work.

I’m tired. Im cranky. My tummy still hurts. I feel like dying. I really don’t want to go to work today. At least it’s my Friday. That’s good.

Also my sister, brother in-law and nephew are visiting. So that’s cool.


South Park taking me back to better days this season.
Making me feel like it’s 2001 by calling people “retarded homos”


Wizard’s Rib productions and Disney present…



SonicAbid as Aladdin
Million as the Genie
Naomi Scott as Jasmine
Orochi Zoolander as Abu
Matriarch as Carpet
Dangerous J as Sultan
Stuart Hayden as Iago


Donald Trump is the hero President from the first Independence Day movie.


Your god sucks Satan’s dick.