The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Flirting gets you everywhere


You are a weab with yellow fever davido-kun is that you?


The worst part about confidence, is backing yourself into a corner, when the flirt goes too far.


You’ve come a long way, Flywheels/Skytread

From left…

1987 G1 Flywheels
2018 SIEGE Skytread
2016 Headmaster Skytread with mini-vehicle


Well in the modern era, some women want to criminalize simple flirting. It’s strange and hilarious that something as simple as smiling and speaking to a woman is actually a “dangerous” thing now. Fuck that and fuck them…the majority of them can go burn in hell, if that place exists.

Money/Wealth is the real thing in this world that’s worth it. Money itself opens up all kinds of options if you have enough of it… and it is never going to go out of it’s goddamn way to destroy your life in every way imaginable. It’s not going to betray you, take your kids if you have them, or beat and even murder you with society’s full approval if it tells a good enough lie.


Money is the thing that women crave… Maybe even more than men… I mean you see women nut over expensive cars and such. End of the day it’s just car to get you around…


I don’t know what the fuck I’M doing right, then.

I don’t even bother wearing anything leet threads-wise.


I’m working a contract here in Oaklahoma City. I haven’t come across anyone like that, but I do see a church damn near every couple of blocks


Don’t know why I’m answering this, but not really. I only speak cordially and minimally to women at work, never want to bother women to hit on them when I’m out and about, and am not into the bar/club scene at all. I only really speak to women in depth when I’m at some kind of tech meetup. And in that case it’s not sexual at all.


Cant win if you don’t play.


Entire town/city is gone!!!

ANTIFA are bitches…


Yeah, but I’m not looking for a relationship. At least, not right now. It would be strictly booty call/FWB stuff. If you’re not into the club/bar scene and don’t want to try out dating apps, there’s not a lot of options (AFAIK). I can’t get that started at a book store or something. I figure for right now I can just be cordial in real life and keep the perviness to myself.


You can still do that my guy. Just be straight up with the chick. If she ain’t with it that’s cool. Try again with another. I’ve had Fwb arrangements that led to friendships even after I leave town, and still keep in touch with some women.

I explain what I do and that I travel often and some understand and are down with that. While some realize we likely wouldn’t have a long term relationship due to my traveling for work and turn me down.

Get out there and have fun man.


holy shit man… watching True Blood and just got to the season 4 finale… so much awesome shit just happened in the last 2 seasons…Eric ripped 4 or 5 dudes heads off in less than 1 second while Bill staked someone and just like that the immediate threat was eliminated…then another major character that’s a werewolf got their brains splat on the kitchen stove by a shotgun…there’s so much here. Oh and earlier my honey Deb Ann Woll was in a Red Riding Hood costume and got naked to get it on with someone. This show speaks to me.


Beast mode: ACTIVATED


When you are so Weeb being a GQ cover model isn’t enough to assuage your ego.

I wonder if he had his love pillow harem lined up, just off camera, “watching”.


Help, I have no idea what you are talking about


im guessing ezra miller?


oh right, I’m still not used to discourse, I got an alert I thought he was replying to my post


To be fair, Nik and Elisha could do that too…


No mats in a real street fight…