The Lounge: McRib Jacuzzis and D!#% Hygene


4 hour Smash finals and expensive Evo hockey shirts bodied broke people into a tiny pool.

Can Epi beat the Chimp if they are fighting inside the Jacuzzi?

No snuggling or girls allowed either. Never 4get:


Fighting games are still not a job.


The Lounge 10k Post Edition


And here we go




Epi still not fighting no monkey in Aquaman’s stage.




curious question … is there a first-timer’s guide to Evo anywhere?







I made one back in 2011 or so I think? Wiz butchered and changed it to be unrecognizable though. so it comes off as his work.

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3 or 4 actually. Who knows wtf Evo is like now though. From all I’ve heard is just basically a massive Con. So its gonna be full of normies that don’t go to locals but travel to majors.

I met people from my city who went to Evo before they tried to hit up any locals.

You don’t think it’d be like that but it do.



I was at evo last year. Sadly that’s what it’s become. It’s no longer a celebration of fighting games and it’s communities. Just a convention that happens to feature fighting games



Made it on the first page.







Evo is what I’m currently looking at to attend in 2020. I am also looking at the possibility of Combo Breaker or CEO next year as well (Combo Breaker normally isn’t known for the following year until sometime in January, CEO is a given). Given my mental illnesses, Vegas would probably make me freak the fuck out and I’d go on a money-spending tear unlike any if I don’t have any balances or measures put in place.



I won’t front: I loved America’s Next Top Model. Haven’t been able to watch it since I got kicked out of my mom’s house 10 years ago, but while I had that little bit of cable, there were some really good pictures taken from the models. The drama was w/e but photos at the end were great.



You’re gonna have to elaborate a little bit on that end. Vegas casinos are psychologically built from the ground up to fuck with you. So what are the weird things getting at you that you’re specifically trying to avoid?



So my friend recently moved to SF and wants me to visit him. What are good places to check out there?



They have some really authentic hobo encampments. They also have human feces cleaning crew that you can take pictures with.



what I was referring to specifically was my impulse control when it comes to money. I’m notoriously bad with that shit, and 4 days plus in Vegas will do a number on that, especially with someone like me.

Hope that helps.



Well that really motivates me to go… For real I only hear bad things about this city. It’s like it’s run by smash players.



While I had fun at evo last year it was almost entirely due to the company. I went with friends I hadn’t seen since the last evo I went to (2011). So it was nice to see them in real life again and not just talk to them over whatever messages we’d use to communicate.

I watched Injustice 2 top 8 which to me was a blast.

Tekken 7 top 8 was awesome.

Dbfz top 8 was awesome because of how involved the crowd was. You couldn’t hear on the stream (I don’t think?) but during every prematch cutscene anyone that screamed (Cell, Kid Buu, Bardock etc) the crowd screamed right along with them and made the matches that much more epic.

Then there was all the drama of grand finals for DBFZ when SonicFox wanting to switch side with GO1 after GO1 reset the bracket. A lot of people who were watching at the venue didn’t really know what was going on until after the fact when tastysteve explained the situation. The crowd instantly turned on Fox and wanting GO1 to win (despite what fox asked for and did was perfectly legal in the tournament. A lot of people think he did it on purpose to “cool off” GO1 and kill his momentum )

I didn’t really watch anything else because the rest of the line of meant fuck all to me.

Evo ‘18 was a shadow of its former self. I think honestly evo 08 was the last year it was genuinely good because it was the end an era for fighting games and the community. We knew everything was going to change when IV dropped.

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There’s a lot of Bay area SRKers.

You could go visit TheDamned and see if he talks that much in real life.



it’s literally been a life-long dream for me to go to Evo. I had been set to go once before, I think in '04 but some shit happened where I ended up not being able to go at the last minute. Recently, the missus and I decided to do one event a year because we were ahead on money. The money I’ll make doing my side-work will allow me to fulfill my dream. I just gotta stay the course and do things right.

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