The Lounge: These Headache Inducing Fools Can go Live in the CHAZ


HERE HE IS in all his damn glory. Y’alls tomfoolery will not be forgetten. Gotta go sharpen up one big ass banhammer for all these quick made nonsense I.e.

@Lantis gotta do you like that 'cause I did it to @mikeohara too. Gotta keep it fair between the skin colors.

Get hit with the petty.

Previous unruly thread is here:



LOL @ that kindergarden level of pettiness


There’s been at least two different videos talking about the MrWizard/Pokchop incident this month. Dudes are mad AF still.



I watched that whole video and still don’t get what happened. Why was Wiz screaming at someone?

I also never got my question answered, when did Glty ever admit to drugging anyone? I remember them apologizing for making people uncomfortable but this drugging people thing is news to me.

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rescinded post.

Do you have anything more concrete then that? People get accused of lots of shit these days.

let me see if I can find the tweets surrounding the accusations.

The Gllty part was a misunderstanding. Glty didn’t drug anybody, she was just heavy-handedly trying to get into people’s pants.

The Pokchop thing is:

What wiz said was:

“Sit down and shut up before I eject you”

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Glty being rapey and nobody with it.

They should be banned

I attempted to find the tweets surrounding this accusation, but I’m not getting anywhere. So what I originally posted is gone.

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Gllty got turbo banned.

The goofy shit is all the roofies that happened at Evo. I know for sure there were two public incidents.

Who knows what happened from there though.

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Oh ok. Thanks. I was watching that like “Whoa wait they drugged people, why isn’t this bigger news?” I was kinda confused.

That video lmao god damn. Wiz being a total cock stain? I’m soooooooo surprised.

What are you talking about Glty was banned, right after they blew up LTG.

Just living, finishing my cert.

Dealing with all these fools trying to take me down like a monument.



So, I used a Bitcoin ATM today about 10 minutes from my house. Outside of a couple of initial gripes (couldn’t transfer money off my debit card, had to get cash from the ATM right along side it and get fucking bodied by withdrawal fees), it was actually pretty cool to use. I now own just over $30 worth of bitcoin.


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If you guys want me to off Pertho, send me a large briefcase full of $100 bills to an undisclosed location. Then I’ll shank him for you, these are my terms


Just got back from essentially a slumber party weekend over at a friends. Lol. Me and another friend stayed at our mutual friends house from Monday until early this afternoon.

Lotsa board game playing, lots of delicious food. a lot of drinking.

And the weather has been so nice in the evenings here lately we built a fire pit and made s’mores last night.

It was a nice little gathering of people and a decent high note to end my vacation on before I go back to work Saturday.


The last thread was at 10,026 posts.

Is this 10,000 post limit thing even real or like

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More than likely, what happens is once the 10k post limit is reached; there’s an internal counter within Discourse before the topic is locked.