The Love Mitten - Michigan Tags

I’m going to go ahead and steal the SoCal thread format.

Xbox Gamertag: Gouki Grif
Favorite Characters: Akuma, M. Bison (Dictator,) Zangief, and sometimes Vega (Claw) for fun.
Skill level: I’d say I’m about a 5, maybe better, no worse.
Availability: Everyday, 8PM to about 12AM (Afternoon) Eastern Time since we’re all in Michigan.

Xbox Gamertag: "name"
Favorite Characters: "favorites, etc."
Skill level: (1-10, 1 being noob and 10 being pro and 5 will be “ok”) please be honest
Availability: “days and time pacific standard”

GT: Lightwrks
Character: Sadly I main Sagat, but I enjoy everyone but the Shotos.
Skill: Anywhere from 4-6 I guess!

I do have a busy life so I may not be on all the time, but when I am just give me a holler.