The lovely jade

shes my art friend.

pretty nice. obviously from ref, which is good. i think you should do more stuff like this.

hmm, not really digging the hair/shading tho, looks like you got lazy.

lovely is right

Is she single? Tell her that the biggest pimp wanna holla. LOL. On a lighter side, Nice work, I actually like the hair, makes things uneven. Good work Klak. You keep dishing out better stuff.

yes she’s single. but this is the closest you will ever get to her =)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you drew the lines over a cleaned-up, faded pic in PS?

Effect is pleasant and interesting due to the soft colours. I’d like it better if the lines were all going in the same direction, though.

btw this is my last post as a single guy… I’m getting married in less than 24 hours :wink:


Nice job! Clean, fresh…beautiful all around! As always! Reminds me of rotoscoping…

And to Rook! Congratualtions!!! Hope the both of you live a very happy and beautiful life together!!!

man this is obviously a trace over. come on your better than that.

yep its traced =P

congrats man =)

Yeah I remember you mentioning that Rook. Good luck.

She looks blazian.

Congrats man. I wish nothing but good fortune for you both!

Congrats Rook!

Eh Klak, tell Jade I want to show her something.:lol:

Im not gonna mess with you anymore about Jade.

Seriously though, tell her I wanna show her something.

It looks very beautiful artwork. Great work!!! :cool: