The lowered walkspeed makes SFV feel somewhat like the present mortal kombat games

In the previous street fighter games, it’d be possible to tell how good players are just by looking at the way they move around the screen. The art of dancing in and out of an opponent’s poke range is not there anymore. sf5 as it is now heavily leans towards players hitting different pokes from where they’re standing with very little seamless movement inbetween. the whole game look and feel more stiff and the matches look noticeably less elegant and bland because of this.

I’ve had no problems dancing around pokes in this game. Not sure I agree with you.

look at this match for example, beginning from 2:21 its very clear that there is no slightly inch forward/inch back meta in the whiff punishing aspect of the game at all. the walk speed simply isnt good enough to be incorporated seamlessly with the pokes, its very very evident.

and in contrast look at this match

there is a lot more meta going on in the poke game 'cause of the more seamless and faster walk speed. the ever so slight start up time for the character to start moving is not present unlike sf5 and that encourages players to move around when upclose to each other. the match for this reason, looks a lot more fluid.

Comparing footage from two players with less than a few weeks of practice in a game that wasn’t even released. Tokido just learned how to play Nash the day before that footage. I mean, Third Strike came out in 1999, the players in the video are literally playing the highest level of the game imaginable. Vanao is considered to be the best Ryu in the world, and Kuroda is arguably the best Third Strike player, ever.

With that said, there are already videos of top players playing in that way in SFV.


Ah nice, i see your point. maybe you’re right and it has less to do with the walkspeed itself and has more to do with the players getting accustomed to the game. but right now its definitely not as pronounced and i was under the impression that the game encourages us to freeze in place and throw out pokes with a lot of the cast members due to the lowered walkspeed.

In all fairness to both of you, one video of two players isn’t really indicative of the entire way things are going. As for the Karin / Chun thing, that is an interesting choice. Karin and Chun are both very poke oriented characters and also two of the faster characters in the game in terms of walk speed. Nash on the other hand is one of the slower ones and tends to do a lot of dashes and alternate movement choices to gain positioning.

It’s a bit early to make any sort of assessment and certainly providing examples of only two long sets isn’t a very good data point to draw any conclusion from.