The Lucario Thread: Behold the Power of AURA

I think he (it?) deserves his own thread. Guy is serious business.

Anyway, discuss tips/tricks/strats/anything you want.

Let’s start with some basics though.

Pros: Solid air and ground game, high combo potential, decent spacing ability, some good priority on most normals, disjointed hitbox, decent recovery, gets stronger as you take more damage.
Cons: Lack of a go-to KO move and generally weak damage potential, Grab range is pitiful and throws are lacking as well, you need to take more damage to get stronger.

Some thoughts on normals.

AAA Combo:
Useful, very useful. If you feel like it, you can also try for a dash grab, a tilt of your choice, a F-B, or an Aura Sphere to the face after the second punch. The reason I bring this up is because the last hit of the AAA combo, while it can kill, and has good knockback, it can make it hard to follow up because of that, and you want to be in the guy’s face. But anyway, the combo has a lot of uses, and you can usually connect this after getting a couple of Fairs.

So, Fair - Fair - A- A- (whatever you want)

Dash Attack:
Lucario sticks his foot out and then hits the ground. Not the greatest dash attack, but it gets the job done. Pops them up, and if you get them with the end of it, you can usually chain it into a Utilt leading into some aerial madness. The actual range isn’t that long, so be careful to get correct spacing when doing instant dash attacks or doing it normally.

  • Also, Lucario can crawl. This is useful to get under certain projectiles or sometimes for approaching, as you can Dtilt from a crawl


Fast, and useful, sweeps in an arc over his head, launches into the air, and usually the air is where you want the opponent to be with Lucario. It starts from his back and sweeps towards the front, so if you have them behind you and don’t think a Dsmash will be fast enough, use Utilt. Also, if you get this at the end of your dash attack, it connects for free usually, and you may even be able to get two of them in. Afterwards, you can Nair or Usmash, or Uair or whatever you want. So, instant dash attack at the right distance could lead to a couple of these.

I find this more useful than Fsmash. You do less damage, but it’s MUCH faster, and leaves you less open to counter-attacks or just getting your attack beaten out by a quicker one.

Also useful to pop them up into the air, and it is faster than it seems. This and Ftilt are good to use during AAA combos.


This thing can kill and has huge range (around two Lucario lengths away). It’s a semi-useful spacing tool because of the huge disjointed hitbox on it. The downside? It’s slow and takes forever to come out. Use caution with this as you can easily be stuffed by a quicker attack (and there are a whoooole bunch of things faster than this).

This is probably the smash of choice for most people. Faster than Fsmash but still has some decent KO potential (we’re talking like 120% which is pretty average). It hits both sides of you simultaneously, which is also useful to catch rollers. Doesn’t have as much range, but it does cover both sides of you at the same time, so yeah, use it.

I’m personally not very fond of it, I’d rather use Uair or Utilt and then chase. It can kill, but not very well. If someone has more thoughts on its use, please let me know >_<


The hitbox on this is a little strange, he sticks his leg out up and in front of him, but it still can hit on the other side of him. This move can get you aerial KOs if at high enough percentages, so it’s worth chasing with.

Some people like this move a lot (that guide on SWF says this is his “best” aerial), I personally do not agree. It has a sweetspot, which does do a good amount of damage, but it comes out somewhat slow, and has a relatively small hitbox. Another thing to note, like Nair, this move has a lot of lag, and cannot be repeated like Fair, Dair and Uair. Again, any more input would be appreciated, but I don’t use this move very much in favor of Fair/Dair/Uair.

Hits all around you, and has some pretty good knockback on it. The downside is that it lags when used early in a jump. However, if used while close to the ground, the move has close to no lag (EmblemLord brings up that the lag is 3 frames or so). So, this move is good to use after a Fair, as it comes out very quickly and at the right distance above the ground will have next to no lag, setting up follow-ups of your choice. Another thing to note is that it has more knockback/does more damage if you connect right as the move comes out, rather than brushing them with the hitbox.

This is probably the move you’re going to use the most, along with Dair. Kicks out in front of him with good range and some nice priority, and upon connecting, you’re usually able to get your choice of another Fair, Dair or Nair afterward. Doing two of them in a row, you can even get an AAA combo when you hit the ground, and follow that up with whatever you want. In any case, you’re going to be using this a lot.

THE TWO STEP OF FURY! This is arguably Lucario’s best move. Very fast, surprising range below his feet, and good knockback/KO potential. A good move to use when edgeguarding/chasing flyers. Also has little lag. You can use this right after a jump and it will stop your upward momentum, letting you fall right back onto the ground. Also, if you can get a footstool jump, you can get an unblockable hit by Dair’ing right afteward!


Lucario will throw the opponent upwards in front of him. At very low percentages against fast fallers, you may be able to chaingrab. Otherwise, you can try to follow up with some aerial combos.

Kind of like Uthrow, except he bounces the opponent off the ground, causing them to fly much higher. Not so useful if you’re trying to follow directly, but it does give you a bit of breathing room.

Just throws them out in front of you, nothing flashy.

Bounces them off the ground, and they fly horizontally away from you. This one actually has some KO potential. If they’re around 130% or so, Bthrowing when your back is to the edge just might score you a kill. Keep that in mind if you’re aiming to just KO them straight off.

All in all, Lucario’s throw game is nothing great…add to that his absolutely pitiful grab range and even dash grab range, and it becomes obvious that throwing is not one of your best options.


N-B: Aura Sphere
Pretty much the same as Mewtwo’s old fireball. You can charge it up, cancel your charge with a dash or guard, and let it loose whenever you need. I do find this move VERY useful, however, as it helps Lucario deal with tough in-close but rangey opponents (Meta, Marth, Ike) etc, and is an effective zoning tool otherwise. I use it all the time, and it is very effective. Especially after your % has gone up a little, and this thing really starts hitting hard, it becomes a somewhat effective KO move. Using this out of shield is also very good, or after an AAA combo…or while chasing…there are just a lot of instances where this thing can be useful. So use it, and use it well.

Side-B: Force Palm:
This move is tricky, but can pay off. At close range, it’s a grab, otherwise, it’s kind of like an Ftilt. The grab version, at very low percentages, is Lucario’s chaingrab. It can be tricky to set up and pull off, but it is there. This thing doesn’t KO, but it’s there if you need to get it off during an AA combo or something.

D-B: Me First
Lucario’s counter. I don’t really like it that much.
Some input from Rioting Soul:

"-His counter gets stuffed on the first few frames of start up(as does Ike’s). The energy-charging sound plays but Lucario still gets hit.

-You can counter pikmin if they are clinging to him. And since Lucario gets a bonus when he gets higher damage, this is an interesting match. If you counter the clinging pikmin then you will teleport kick where you were, not where Olimar is. Pikmin guarantees a counter activation, if they cling then you can close in with something extra under your sleeve."

U-B: Extremespeed
His third jump. You have a lot of control over the direction of this move. It’s hard to explain, but the move recognizes the the path you set out for it. So, if you roll the control stick from up-left to up after activating the move, he’ll go up left and up. It takes a bit of experimenting to get used to, but it allows for a variety of approaches back to the stage. I use it horizontally sometimes to evade edgeguarders or to sweetspot horizontally. One thing to note is that this thing goes very far. Another thing is that if you bounce yourself off the ground, you have slightly less lag than just landing normally.

(Some strategy thoughts and notes probably to be added later)

His Down A Smash is groovy. Standing AAA is great too. Last hit has great knock back power.

I have been trying to see the timing for an A-A-Charged B but it seems that there is enough time for the opponent to shield or roll. But depending on how late in the game you are you could possible set a player up to want to roll back when you catch them with A-A and then BAM a charge b ftw.

DAir is also amazing for the fact that it delays your fall, I have been able to float down use DAir to avoid someone USmash and then fall quickly and catch them with a DAir before they could get another USmash off.

Just remember the DAir is not unbeatable, a lot of people can beat it with an USmash or UTilt. But we can work this to our advantage, if you know they are going to UTilit or are charging an USmash just Down B (counter) and it is a free 16% and knocks them up for you to follow up on.

Depending on the stage, when I get knocked off High and to the Right/Left I will just fall and charge the Ball. It can get full by the time you are just above the stage and if people come to try and stop you, you can fire the ball off right away and try to out manouver them in the air (DAir) or some people will see the Big ball of doom and get scared and just sit at the edge. This is your chance to launch it at them and the Up B to the edge.

These are just some basic things I do off the top of my head, I’ll add more as I find them.

Let’s take Lucario to the TOP!

Good point, i’ve been owned by a lot of people’s Usmash thinking i could beat it with a Dair.

Knockoff/popup, Fair, Fair, Dair is so reminiscent of playing as Marth. Chase your enemies!!!

Copied and pasted from the pokemon thread:

-His counter gets stuffed on the first few frames of start up(as does Ike’s). The energy-charging sound plays but Lucario still gets hit.

-You can counter pikmin if they are clinging to him. And since Lucario gets a bonus when he gets higher damage, this is an interesting match. If you counter the clinging pikmin then you will teleport kick where you were, not where Olimar is. Pikmin guarantees a counter activation, if they cling then you can close in with something extra under your sleeve.

-I have a love/hate relationship with d+Air. Sometimes that shit beats out characters on both sides of him but will often get stuffed by attacks BELOW him. And you can get a D+Air on the ground by pressing holding down and pressing Jump~A. I haven’t found any real applications but I have been doing AA~Instant D+Air into some followups but I didn’t verify if it was an actual combo. I love small jump f+Air~d+Air. Sonichuman and I call it HM2F2(Hold My Mother Fucking Feet).

-Fully charged Aura Spheres get canceled out by one pikmin.

-Back-turned charging Aura Sphere actually hits. I can’t wait to see the combo vids.

He’s good, but rather weak.
In general, his damage comes from “somewhat decent” to “good” whenever getting beat up.

Thats really the only downfall I see in him.

That, and his Down+Smash is too fast lol.
Which is both a good and a bad thing.
Good = Well, a fast with with good recovery, whats not to like. And being its a smash attack, so damn fast.
Bad = Because of its speed, there are times its hard to punish certain characters rules because its only active for such a short time. But then again, thats more of a player issue than anything.

With that said, <3 Lucario!

Ok time for some approach strats.

Basically with Lucario it’s all about the mix-ups he has with his Fair.

You can SH Fair and it creates this trail of aura your opponent has to get past if they want to attack you. After that first fair ends you have options.

You can Fair again. If you DI back while doing this you will remian very safe but it will be harder to follow-up with. Only DI back if you think it won’t hit or you think they will block. If you DI forward you can land and then do AAA or grab.

You could Dair. This move is awesome. Great priority and very safe. Also a decent kill move. This combos after a fair hits as well. Use this whenyou know they will block and you want to keep the pressure on.

You can Nair. This thing is awesome. NO ATTACK LAG WHEN YOU LAND. Only land lag, which is 3 frames, which is nothing. Also Nair is a decent kill move too. At low percents it can be comboed afterwards. But it’s great to use when you know an opponent will block, since it is very safe. So you can do this on a shielding opponent, then when you land you can roll, spot dodge, AAA combo, do a tilt, use double team, or grab. The most reliable things to do are AAA combo and roll/spotdodge. Nair to AAA only works at low percents though since once they hit about 20% the Nair sends them farther, but then you could start going for grabs or chase them.

Also use crawling more. Crawling is awesome since you can move forwards or backwards without turning around, but you move fast in the direction you are facing. But crawling is awesome for spacing and lets you get past certain projectiles easier.

Also here are some random tidbits.

Lucario can chain grab with his Force Palm (Side B). At close range it’s a grab. Only works at low percents. He can also use his u-throw as a combo set-up at low percents. I don’t know if he can chian grab with it, but it looks like he could. But at low percents doing Fair, Fair, U-throw, Fair, Nair, AAA is pretty easy. At high percents yopu really couldn’t get that whole thing off, but it gives you an idea of what Lucario is capable of. He is one of the few characters in Brawl capable of long combo chains. At low percents anyway.

IMO Lucarios strongest point is that he is extremely safe and crawling gives himm an extra spacing tool. And since he uses Aura his poking/spacing game is very strong.

Some very good points, Emblem, especially about the Forcepalm chain grab. Uthrow as a chaingrab is a little iffy (would have to be against a fast faller at close to 0%), and so it is definitely good to consider the Forcepalm. Following up is also a little iffy. In fact, Lucario’s throw game is really nothing special…

Well, U-throw chain grab probably wouldn’t work. But u-throw as a set-up works well since they go no where.

Lucario’s Left/Right ground dodge is kinda awesome.

Sorry to ask this but I am still a bit new to smash, What is DI and spot dodge.

DI - directional influence. When you’re in the air and you hold a direction, you’re able to move your character in that direction.

Spot dodge - Guard + Down. Where you dodge in place.

You can use his AAA combo to setup up grabs for instance you can do just A then grab. You can also do AA then grab or side B. These grab setups make lucario annoying opponent to deal with. Also keep in mind the fact that when you take damage you deal extra so this also makes him a comeback character. Their is a chart somewhere on smashboards for it. After 200% of damage done to you the damage increase doesn’t happen anymore.

Doing Dair can punish shield grabs because it is 2 hits. Like what you guys been mentioning do fair, dair. You can either whiff fair and go into dair to hit them and they mash a shield grab or they shield your fair and Dair if they shield grab your fair.

This is tinshi BTW not SPOOKY

For the past two days I’ve been using Lucario with mixed results. I realize the game is still new but are there any match ups to be wary of when using Lucario?

Lucario has no real character weaknesses. At least, that’s the conclusion I’ve come to from personally play. Lucario is well rounded ability wise, so it’s hard to exploit anything on him, if you know what you’re doing.

Lucario is weak vs people that can kill early and those that have little trouble with his disjointed hitboxes.

So Marth, Ike, Snake would be among his harder match-ups.

Agreed. He dies fast, so if you mess up really bad three or so times against Ike or another really hard hitter, it’s -1 stock.

As much as Lucario can zone and space with his aura hitboxes, if you get zoned, it can be hard to get back in, and you’ll end up having to mix up aura spheres to open up approaches. So against a character like Dedede, who has huge killing power and zones well, you may have a tough time getting in and staying in after taking some hits.

You really have to be prepared to work hard to get kills with Lucario. Your huge 7 or 8 hit combo equals one Ike Fsmash, or less. That said, if you get someone in your web of easily chainable attacks, they’re in pretty bad shape.

I don’t know. Besides Snake, Marth and Ike don’t have much in the way of ranged attacks. If push comes to shove, keep your distance, and they aren’t a threat.

And that reminds me. EL, I think it’s about time we duke it out in Brawl. Seriously. Friend Code is in the sig.

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