The Lucha Lunch Box -PS3/360- Streams 2011



**1/16/11 Thread Recycle

instead of creating a brand new thread im just going to reuse this one so just ignore the first 11 posts I guess**

This new recycled thread is called the Lucha Lunch Box…its a ps3 stream I want to host to test out and experiment with various EL fuerte’s and their secondary characters…This will not be a daily thing as I do have a pretty busy schedule but maybe once a week I will host stream sessions with live If you would like to request some matches or have any questions please do so in the stream…I will post up when the first session is ready to begin like maybe two days in advance so be prepared…I anyone wants to do this for 360 then let me know


You should make this thread titled:

Fuerte’s at [Insert major tourney here]

I was thinking of doing it, but there’s this thread. If you do, me, Vanilla, Stevercakes are all confirmed to be at Canada Cup. Wucifer might be.


i’ll be at NEC. my man Spab Rog too iirc. Not sure if Manny’s going.

EDIT: Good luck for your tourneys too Shadow.


idk if i can go, i think i got finals that monday coming up =(


Ok, Canada Cup. November 13-14th, “salty Suite” on Friday and Saturday night,

-Mike Ross
-EG Justin Wong
-Streaming by Spooky!
-Air confirmed, repping BC
-Cross Counter commentary, welcome Gootecks to Canada!!
-JS Master
-Filming by Brad Crawford
-Daigo Umehara
-Mago to attend The Canada Cup 2010

Calgary, AB. Radisson Hotel. Link

EDIT: Wucifer is not coming


I’ll also be hitting up NEC can’t wait for December to hit


Just to reiterate I most likey wont be on stream for Canada Cup, but I will have mm videos against all the pros uploaded to youtube.


I’ll be at NEC


MTLSF NEMESIS 2 in Montreal Canada.

Had 128 Participants for SSF4, i tied for 9th.

Lost to JS MASTER and Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez


i didnt even know a thread like this existed lol


Thread Recycle




I would be down for this on 360.


Yeah I’m more on the 360.




more like ignore the first 12 posts!

ya ya ya!