The LXD - Legion of eXtraordinary Dancers web series: Heroes meets Step Up. 7.7.10

A while back, you might have heard that Step Up 2/3D director Jon Chu was working on a “Dance epic” web series that was to debut this year. After months of waiting, The LXD finally launches tonight at Midnight EST/9PM PST. Only on Sorry, international folks, you’ll have to use a proxy.

10 episodes that are 8 minutes long, every wednesday starting tonight. And they’ve already shot and completed the second season.

A couple of new clips.

Trevor attends the Prom
Defying Gravity

It really does look like Heroes meets Step Up. The story is going to ultimately be cheesy, but that’s not what you’re here for. The acting isn’t great, but its the talent that counts, and these are some of the best dancers and Martial Arts Trickers in the world. I can’t wait.

hahaha im actually staying in florida at my boys house who’s in this show.

Where in FL are you? I’m in San Diego right now, just wondering.

im in west palm beach right now…will be in orlando later this week.

Anyway to watch these outside of the United States?

Cool, if you’re in Orlando early next week, let me know, my brother has an open practice for martial artists and bboys at the gym that he coaches at.

Just google a proxy for hulu. I’m sure there’s a way to do it.

the website says it will be up on their at 9pm tomarrow so i assume their gonna have it in a non-hulu format

Its up now on Hulu. Entertaining, but the story is a little corny. Love it. Check out [media=youtube]IzC7MAiN8oA"[/media] on youtube if you haven’t seen it yet. AKA the bad guy in the LXD.

I found it on youtube.

Yeah cheezy acting so far, but the dancing is incredible. There seems to be a bit too much slo-mo for my liking though.

I’m a big tricker fan. Nice to see Jeremy Marinas and Travis Wong do their thing, but Jeremy is a lot better than Travis and it was easy to see in the episode as well. Wonder how Anis Cheurfre and Daniel Graham are gonna fit in in the whole storyline.

i already know what dannys whole story is…but i dunno if he was supposed to tell me. but it sounds hella funny and dope and nick vail will be in it too.

the acting is cheesy but remember these guys are dancers not actors. their all dancers first, acting second.

madd chadd’s one was hella dope, no talking: Hulu - The LXD: Robot Lovestory - Watch the full episode now.

I think I am really confused. The ones who like it, even the ones on Hulu, admit that the story is corny and the acting is horrible but urge people to focus only on the dancing. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching bboys work their moves live or on TV, but trying to make it a series? It doesn’t really make sense to me. If I wanna watch breakdancing I’d look it up on youtube…but when I want to watch a series I want good plot and acting. I’ll give this one more shot since I already tried watching the first two, but it is not impressing me as something to keep up with.