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Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for M. Bison (Dictator) in AE 2012:

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Original Thread

[details=Spoiler]Hello guys, new Guy player/SRK member here(I have no experience with fighting games so please bear with my noobiness.). I bought the game(PC) since mid july but barely touch it at all. I’ve been playing online for past 2-3 weeks and I think i’ve already understand some of Guy’s basics(thanks to Pedro’s thread) though i still couldn’t do to consistently when playing online.(~50%)

I’ve been struggling to win against dictator opponents(mostly around mid 2000 pps. I myself am jumping between 1100-1300). Here are my problems:

Against dictators,I just couldn’t pin them down. They tend to jump around a lot and whenever i got them to the corner they usually use Ex-psyco/teleport to escape easily:(Not to mention that I don’t know how to punish scissor kicks at all and I notice that I got thrown a lot more than in other MUs.

Any tricks/good setups against him?[/details]

General Notes


Pokes :
-st.LP can beat scissor kicks/normals.

-cr.MP :can be used as anti-air as well.




-DONT spam cr.HK as a poke since all Scissor kicks beat it.

AA :

  • cr.MP beats all of Bison’s jump-ins.

-cr.MK beats Devil Reverse attack.

Punishes :
-EX Hozanto punishes EX Psycho Crusher.

-Ultra 1 punishes EX Psycho Crusher.

-Ultra 1 punishes Ex Devil Reverse near corner.

-Bison’s cr.MP leaves him at +3 on block. Any normal you try will get beat by any of his.

-EX Hozanto punishes EX Psycho Crusher.

-LK Scissor Kick is the only safe version. All others, as long as you block two hits, can be punished with st.MP into special moves/st.HP.

-After a blocked LK Scissor Kick you can use cr.LP,cr.MK,cr.MP all of which are safe and might score a counter hit for further combo.

-Whiffed Head Stomp is punishable by Bushin Chain.

-Kaiten Izuna Otoshi beats U2 and Head stomp: (start 2:05)

-cr.MK punishes Head stomp follow ups.

Corner escapes :
-st.MP into bushin flip,wall jump,Ex run (All of them have certain risks).

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Just mention as Pedro made a slight mistake on his thread, cr lk to cr mp. is not possible, cr lk leaves you at +5 on hit and cr mp starts up in 6 frames so it would only be possible on Counter hit, cr lk to st mp or cl st hp, is a 1 frame link, plinking helps connect it easier.

On to Dictator match up. This match has gotten easier in AE, Bison can’t keep Guy in the corner all day have you take risks to get out now thanks to Scissor kick no longer leaving him in range for a cr lk.

Go to pokes, st mk, cr mk, st mp, cr mp, st hp. You can use HK and cr Hp, I normally use those 4 a lot.
I’ll say this now, if you have a habit to use cr hk in a Bison match to close the distance or for poking I strongly suggest you break the habit, Use that sparingly or if at all never, It loses to Scissor Kicks all day, period.

Learn to option select Bison’s EX reversals and Escape tools.

Though it is better to use MK tatsu for EX Psycho, and MK tatsu will hit teleport and I think it might beat EX scissors, Hozanto will just avoid Psycho, but hit Teleport.

Anti Scissor Kick pressure:

Learn to crouch tech:
Crouch block lp+lk.
If the opponent goes for a grab you will tech, otherwise cr lk will come out, you can use other normals while also teching such as cr mp etc. Remember there are ways to bait out crouch techs that will net the opponent a CH etc. Just learn and practice. Especially for characters with Kara Throws.

This should help you out a bit. Any other questions?


Oops sorry,that was a typo,I meant to say to and yeah i have a bad habit of using (not only against dict) a lot sometimes :sweat:

Your post pretty much covered all the questions I asked. Thank you very much for the help! Guess i’ll have to spend some time in the lab to learn all those stuff,especially plinking.

Edit : The guy player in the vid do c.hp after a back throw which i assume is to time the safe jump right? Is there anyway to safe jump after a KD from bushin flip/ throw ?(I only know about the one that you hold jump after run-slide.) Thanks in advance!


Yeah that is used for the Safe jump at least against Bison, though im sure there are other options. Off of cr Hk i can’t remember off the top of my head,

Bushin Flip I think if you immediately forward jump it will be a safe jump, if not maybe delay a second or two, I’ll check when I get home.

Forward throw… Guy has several.

Fwd Dash x2, immediately jump is one (you may have to delay for slight bit for certain characters)
Fwd Dash, then back jump into wall jump is another.
Fwd Dash, I believe its st hp or hk I don’t remember is a one for 4 frame reversals.

You can find them on youtube I’m sure.

just look at his videos he has things you can learn and use.

  • cr.MP beats all of Bison’s jump-ins.

-cr.MK beats Devil Reverse attack.

-Bison’s cr.MP leaves him at +3 on block. Any normal you try will get beat by any of his.

-EX Hozanto punishes EX Psycho Crusher.

-LK Scissor Kick is the only safe version. All others, as long as you block two hits, can be punished with st.MP.


Where did I say that?


he mentioned your name in the post above from your beginners thread and made a grammatical error stating cr lk -cr mp links which only does on CH, so either you may have (at the time) stated something wrong or he read something incorrectly. But you need to hurry up and finish the thread… its empty ._.;


I see, mistakes happen, specially typing errors, that’s all good but one thing is sure, I have never wrote anywhere that you can link cr. LK into cr. MP. So stop throwing the fault at me without verifying first.
About the new thread, sorry man I worked all day long yesterday and I am here today since morning as well…btw I would love if you could read the stuff after its ready and help me to correct things, since youre one of the most active good Guys aorund here. And you do know a lot.


I’ll make sure to


Thanks to you guys’ info,I’ve been winning vs dict players more and more(man,plinking REALLY makes things easier online) +OS rocks :slight_smile:

I air grabbed him out of his U2 today,feel like a boss :stuck_out_tongue:

Also,I updated the first post.


just wondering isnt ex run slide a good way to escape corner pressure? if they keep pressuring absorb their normal and slide to get the hell out?


EX Run slide is an option to get out of corner, it will beat any of bison’s standing pokes, but any good Dictator can react to Guy’s run command with a psycho crusher. I would wait it out, see what his corner pressure patterns are. If possible, the best scenario would be to neutral jump one of bison’s scissor kicks, and combo into bushin gokusaken, and throw him back into the corner for a reset. This isn’t easy to do though, as Bison can stand roundhouse you out the air. Just in my experience, it seems easier for guy to counterhit Bison’s scissor kicks with cr. mp buffered into EX hozanto or shadow kick, so this should be a much viable option. If you absolutely need to just GTFO the corner, you can always attempt to fierce punch bushin flip out by simply flipping out, or by canceling the flip off of a normal move. With his faster recovery off the flip, guy can use this escape tactic more safely now, but it still can be punished if the opponent expects it.

EDIT: Also, when Bison corners you, that is one of the best times to land an EX Run xxx stop xxx Ultra 2 if you can correctly guess when he will scissor kick. Definitely save this one though, its reward is huge but do not attempt it until you are quite positive that you have him read, or unless you have nothing else to lose.


Wall jump would also work if they are just sking you i guess.


Kain_, if you could copy the information below the line and paste it into the first post, that’d be great. :tup:

Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for M. Bison (Dictator) in AE 2012:

For undocumented changes and discussion, please check out this thread in the M. Bison forums:




I dont even think his scizzor kick pressure is a problem after reading the tips given on the matchup. I struggle with cross up ex psycho crusher. I even get hit with it from mid screen other than it being on my wake up too. after a missed ex headstomp is missed is possible to punish because it seemed that bison could afterwards unless I tried to punish it too late because it was an online match.


One of Bison’s worst match ups easily, I always counter pick this one if I can


Bison vs Guy is far from being a worst match up, a friend of mine mains Bison and i’ve fought a good amount to easily say this isn’t Bison’s worst match up, granted it’s easier than what it was in Super for Guy but the match is definitely even, Guy can still be given hell when it comes to Bison’s pressure especially in the corner if you have no meter.


well as I play ranked matches against some really good bisons I noticed that you got to turtle alot to open them up. scizzor kick strings arent that bad due to the push back and cr mp and cr .mk works wonders against jumpins.


Dunno about the AA’s. I recall being hit by Bisons jumping hP a lot when trying to AA it with Guy’s Also when Bison neutral jumps it’s probably not a good idea to AA with cr.MP cos his NJ MK/HK (one of them) works well I think. Like Sagat.

Overall not the worst match-up. BUt against a Bison who knows how to anti-air and corner you, I wouldn’t call this match-up even, but rather in favour of Bison.