The M.Bison Team Synergy Thread - Now Hiring Henchmen

Would be logical to have a team synergy thread for a game like this, no?

Work in progress.

This is the thread where you can discuss the partner choices for Dictator in this game, how they can compliment him and vice versa, what set ups they have, what combos they can do, etc.



I’ll chip in with Rolento/Dic tech tonight if somebody doesn’t beat me to it.

I’ll take my Dandy-esque militant sheik duo and see what I can whip up at midnight.

Berets with a slight undertone of totalitarian delusions of grandeur for me!

It’s like the Che Guevara or Shining Path of Street Fighter can finally do some damage with its Stalin.

I’m insane.

Would be great. Bison/Rolento seems like a popular team.

I’m gonna look into some Bison/Heihachi technology once I get the game next week, unless somebody beats me to it. :rofl:

Here’s something:

Bison has walkspeed, fast long-ranged pokes to go into juggle and knockdown. Heck, everything knocksdown. Has not much trouble against fireballs.
Ex psycho is a good defensive tool. Weak pressure after knockdown.

I think Bison has a good mix with characters that has trouble getting in, but deals brutal damage when attacking.
The idea is to use Bison to play some footsies. Power gems to bison wont help much. Go for Defensive ones to survive longer trying to make that hit or speed ones to improve footsies. Make that S.MK hit and that’s over. S.MK > S.HK > Juggle. Make someone like Hugo show up and make good use of that knockdown. This one needs power gems.
Got life advantage? Get Bison again.

I was gonna go for Bison Juri on day one (Although we might have that covered already as I think SNO is going for that team).

I will report back with findings presently. (Europe peon though I’m afraid so my findings may be out of date by the time they occur)

meh on rolento stuff.

you can do medium rekka rekka rekka xx cancel into your partner, bison comes in and crouching strong xx LIGHT scissors, juggle into crouching strong xx whatever you like.

Petty damage though… here’s the full combo notation:

Rolento: jab, jab, jab, crouching forward xx medium rekkas 3xs, cancel into bison for a bar, crouching strong xx LIGHT scissors, crouching strong xx fierce PC

-254 damage…bleh.

Pointless in other words.

anyone else have any rolento/bison tech?

what about Bison > Rolento does rekkas juggle for juggles?

Running Bison/Lili

I havent even began to crack this team open but this possibilities are really stupid.

Looking forward to hearing what you’ve got on Bison/Lili … did some of her trials and was actually going to try the team out over the weekend.

anyone know if st. MK - st. HK - juggle would be enough time for lili to come in and go into HK rabbits foot? I was thinking about this just now. I know her QCF PP move can connect and get a guaranteed wall bounce but I haven’t figured out what to do after that just yet.

Bison/Steve looks like another team I’d love to try. Might check out the potential between them next week.

Should we discuss the Bison/Lili team for the current moment? Seems like it has lots of potential.

:eek: I am in almost total agreement with these thoughts.

Even though you generally can’t play him like his most stable playstyle from IV, you kinda have to go CvS2 stylez (which I find far more favorable) with his great pokes and stable damage. Combos off of scissors and skull dives are great. Even though the game discourages players from jumping, even his jump-ins are super good! Characters like this are almost made for characters who have bad footsies, shouldn’t play footsies, or have difficult or impractical hitconfirms.

Bison/Juri seems like it will be really popular for the time being. I have a couple characters lined up that I’d like to try, but I’m so far impressed with how he turned out…so far. Now I just need to learn how to let go of :lk: when I press the button for his scissors so I can stop charging. >_<

I am pairing Bison with Heihachi for now. Bison’s mobility works great when you out of zone and once you get in close you can safely bring in the box of pain that is Heihachi in close quarters

I’m pairing Bison and Kazuya for now. Learning Kazuya is extremely fun: ground bounce combos, WGF/EWGF, etc. I just gotta learn good post-tag juggles with him and how to optimize damage. I want Lars to come out already so I can have my Bison-Lars team of caped crusaders. :lol:

You guys should try out Raven, I’m looking to main Bison with a projectile character, Raven has it all except an anti-air special, his normals and back dashes are pretty good! I’ve been laming it out with the Bison/Guile team.

More Bison and Rolento:

Bison: St. Forward , St. Roundhouse, Launcher > Rolento > Cr. Forward xx EX Patriot Circle xx partner tag> Bison > jumping strong strong (hell attack) > St. Fierce xx Fierce Crusher

395 Damage from a poke. Cost is two meters.

*Notes: standing forward, standing fierce xx Knee Press Knightmare is 396, only one more point of damage and the above combo is flashy, easy and you don’t need charge, just two meters and a easily hit confirmed poke.

Rolento: Jab, Strong, Fierce, Launch > Bison> Standing Fierce xx Light Scissors > crouching strong xx Fierce PC

307 Damage, no meter.

*Notes: timing is tight because of the re-charge timing. You need to get that charge or else you will get a standing Fierce instead of a Crusher, chained accidentally from the crouching strong after the Light scissor kick juggle. Try to delay the cancel into Fierce Crusher for that extra milisecond of charge time and to avoid the chain.

I’m using king cuz I can tag him in and power bomb my opponent. Then mix up or cross up into knee x 3 into fun. I love it when it works

Also it’s fucking awesome to see King M Bison at the character select

I’ve only logged in about 7 hours in the past 3 days on this game, but my team so far is Nina/Bison. It might be too early to tell, but I feel like Nina makes for a good battery character.