The Madcatz Fightstick Pre-order/Availability Thread


Figure having a dedicated thread instead of searching all over the place for those looking for Fightsticks. Please post here if/when you find a site that is taking pre-orders for the next batch of Fightsticks(TE or SE) or have them readily available(NOT EBAY). thanks.


madcatz store is going to be ‘down for maintainance’ in the next few days.

wonder what that means… hopefully a restock.

#3 has the SE sticks available for preorder(availible in May). i don’t know why they get a bad rap at times because i’ve purchased from them many times w/ no problems. they were also featured in OC Metro Magazine as one of the top places to work in Orange County.


here is the link:


Bout damn time someone made a thread like this.

None here in Portland Oregon so far. I call gamestop/gamecrazy almost daily.


Fairfax VA, nothing here either gamestop or game crazy and all stores insist the sticks and fight pads will not be restocked in store


Yeah and they keep saying only 3,000 were made and they were limited. They don’t know shit.


Here’s a list of stores I’ve checked in the last two weeks:
BestBuy NYC 86th and Lexington
Gamestop NJ Quaker Bridge Ball
EB Games NJ Quaker Bridge Ball
Best Buy NJ Princeton
Best Buy MA Hadley
Gamestop MA Hadley
Best Buy MA Holyoke
Gamestop MA Holyoke

None of them had them when I went.


Last week the Gamestop in Cranberry, PA had a random PS3 SE there. I was pissed it wasn’t a 360 one. Don’t know if it’s still there or not though.


Japan Video Games is taking pre-orders for the TE for $179 and they won’t charge your card until the item ships: