The MADE -Tuesday Fight Night - official thread


-------------------------Current Event --------------------------

Its tournament time:
BnB 1 (battle in the bay) is going down at MADE
Feb 7th ( about a week and a half from now)

4pm signups , 5pm tournament starts
$4 venue , $7 tournament

tuesday fight night will be going down on the side so come and have fun

Every tuesday we (me,Maka and Mcsoze) hold fight night at the MADE (museum of art and digital entertainment)

610 16th st, Oakland, CA, 94612
Dial “#0230” on our entry gate.

tuesdays , 3- 9pm


we have:

xbox 360 (umvc3 , sf4 ae)
sega saturn (super turbo)
game cube (melee)

if you would like to bring your own console its ok … we have plenty of tvs, mostly crts…

Updated w/ Results (Oakland, CA) UMvC3 & CvS2 Tournament at The MADE
New Akuma player looking for a few decent players (preferably akuma players) to play online
Freedemonia in East bay!

Hey dude it’s 2pm-9pm! not 3pm lol and if you are planning to bring stuff please sent me an email stating what you are bring so me and MakA can try to make space for you. You may email me at and if you are on Facebook please join our page for all the details of Fight Night as they come out and the the URL is we will also start posting up videos on our new Youtube page!

MADE - Oakland's Video Game Museum - Requesting Fighting Game Talent To Visit

I’m bringing a dual mod stick Tues.


Bringing my 360 and stick like always.

This is Harry btw. (user name makes it kinda obvious)


yea but i would want an email because i can make a group list of people bring stuff it’s more easier for me and MakA is handling Shoryken and i am handling stuff in the background here and managing the Facebook, Youtube(which will have all the matches you guys have done soon) and upcoming events. but i know you will so i will just make a note of it in my list. :slight_smile:


alright ill send u my email


I’ll be there tomorrow night for AE. What time does the tournament usually finish though? I want to play as many games as possible, but I don’t really want to be walking back to BART late at night in Oakland if you get me…


I believe that you have been misinformed we not having a tournament it is just a get-together of gamers playing we are hoping in the next few weeks we will have an tournament. but the games that we will be having is UMvC3, KOF 98’, KOF 13 we have someone who brings AE from time to time if you wish to bring a copy of AE you are more then welcome too. as to your question about what time we are starting we are starting at 2pm and ending around 9pm if any more questions feel free to sent me an email at


I will be bringing a 360 for HD:Remix (no monitor / TV though) and one stick. I will be there after work, so likely about 5:30 pm.


alright that sounds good we may or may not have a space for your xbox tho. we will try to have room or if anyone would want to bring an monitor for onikage to use that would be helpful and onikage may you sent me an email at with your name and everything(just copy and paste it cause that would be easier for you) so i can keep track of people who are bringing stuff. please and thank you :slight_smile:


The area is like a 3 minute walk away from the BART bro, and when we usually leave around 9:30 there hasn’t been a problem yet.


Oh my bad. Just looked up the proximity to BART too. I guess with a name like X night fights I just assumed it was a tournament. No worries then.


be there at 6. hope AE is there - otherwise i’ll probably play kof13. hate umvc3.


im bringing AE. hopefully we can have each station dedicated to one game.


im down for HDR!!


I intend to come today, probably around 4ish, I’ll bring a stick but since I won’t have a ride bringing consoles and the like is difficult.

Additional question, will there be any Marvel 2 tonight? <3


Hey chrisis. This is Chris. Dunno if they’ll have mvc2, but I’m always down to play some 2 w u. :slight_smile:


I can always use my box for some mvc2 if need be =)

Also you guys better watch out…if you liked my Viper, Chrisis is going to make some heads explode.


Good games homies, good games.

By the way add me on facebook for reals.

Blaine Bleavings


session was fun! gotta get better at marvel