The MAG Private Beta Thread


Anyone else get accepted in through Playstation Underground’s survey?

I played for a couple of hours and I’m impressed so far. When I first got into a game, I was the only one walking around and, gradually, more people started filing in till there was about 6 people playing.

Later in the night, there were more people (Maybe about 100) in the games and plenty of people in the squad I was in with had a mic. Thanks to that, I was able to learn things like taking out your syringe to restore your health and not to bleed yourself out in hope of getting resuscitated.

The graphics aren’t exactly up to par, since it’s faster to load the game for the beta, but the explosion effects were impressive, as well as the character models.

I’m very interested in picking this one up.


Im in it but I havent installed it yet. Doesn’t look that fun to me =/


I didnt get mine yet.

edit I got in add me up on PSN I have a mic and down for some games with srk cats.

if I can figure out why my PSN on the playstation site… isnt giving me the option to clikc the “beta” button


I’m also in, but I’m really, really bad at this game (or any FPS).


:frowning: Whats it play like? I dont have a code yet, Or at all for that matter. Is it worth a buy later when it comes out?


It’s like a FPS, but I assume there are many things to do besides riding with your squad in a jeep and manning gun turrets. You can also parachute in, which is pretty cool.

Based on the potential scope of this game, I am hoping that MAG will be the end all be all for the genre since there are way too many to begin with. From now on, all FPSs will have to be a MAG- A large number of players killing each other all at once instead leveling up orcs or whatever WoW is…


This game is really interesting for what I’ve played so far. Got a bit annoyed with spawn-campers since I get out of the bunker and am immediately shot in the head, but C’est la vie.

Overall though I’m really impressed with this game, especially the 256 people per game, thats what originally got me interested, if it stays free, this game will be in my library and that is for sure.

Overall I haven’t experienced any real bugs yet, and I love that I can Roadie Run with all that gear, although I would like to know the direction from which I was killed in.


How do you get in and is it too late?


You can change your spawn point by pressing the X button when you’re dead/waiting to respawn. I always look on the map to make sure conditions are favorable before I respawn.


I am so hyped for this game! but i didnt get a beta code, being a memeber of Playstation underground since the psone are didnt help (i know it isnt there anymore).

If anyone got an extra code or anything, man i would love to get into this game right away.


Hey y’all, got a couple questions for those in the beta:

Are custom soundtracks in?

Parachuting in, are you venerable? I mean, can someone just snipe you down while you come in? Do you get any control over your path down?

Spawning, how long is it between respawns?

Good luck SRK crew! Show 'em we’re da best!


Why is that when ever I join a game My gun will never shoot? But I leave and re-join games twice then Im able to shoot?


I am now in the private beta. Havent tried it yet as I got my code today.


*Not to sure about the tracks.

*yes you are venerable, but you can control the parachute to land where ever you want

*from personal experience spawning time can take from as long as 10-20 secs to as a quick 3 secs


I played this last night and it’s really fun. Graphics are quite “jaggy” but its a good title.


anyone got an extra code? i’m willing to pay cause i’ve never been in a beta, ever! =’(