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I think it is rather absurd that they keep the FTV series strictly for game stores only. Anytime a money card gets printed it goes freaking through the roof. I think the only time it wasn’t crazy expensive was FTV: Legends. At the time Commander hasn’t truly kicked in yet so I remember my game store using it as additional prize support to being in newer players. Just look at how FTV: 20 is now. Sure you could have pre-ordered it without knowing wtf you would get but just because Jace, The Mind Raper gets reprinted doesn’t mean you gotta charge 400 freaking dollars for a box.

The resonator is a pretty cool ability. I think it rounds out every “ability” doubler. Rings of Brighthearth for activated ability doubling , Resonator for Triggers and Sundial of the Infinite to stop abilities [and basically anything].

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Step 1: Use Strionic Resonator to copy the imprint trigger on Isochron Scepter, exiling Final Fortune and Angel’s Grace. Step 2: Take infinite turns. That’s like Gill’s infinite in Third Strike…

Alrighty guys I’m a serious OG mtg player , my first set was the dark my last set was Apocalypse . And played as one of the top DBZ players for years and played vs system for years too and like 20 other games in between.

Anyways lately I’ve been watching the scg stream ( where was this 10 years ago lol ) and I got that itch to try and rekindle what made me love tcgs ,

I see the main format is standard and my question is what is the cheapest deck to make that is good , I’m in preference of control but I don’t want to spend more than 100 for a deck to try at Fnm for the last of this format to see if I really wanna retrying playing this game again .

Thanks !

Except that wouldn’t work.

Isochron is an activated ability, not a triggered ability.

What the hell even happens when you copy an imprint trigger anyway? I’m assuming the second imprint just overrides the first imprint. The wording for scepter says “copy THE imprinted… and play THE copy”, which implies you can only have one thing imprinted at a time. Hell is it even allowed to double imprint cards? lol

I guess Reasonator and Scepter combo just turns the Imprint ability from a triggered one into an activated one then.

The price of Standard got blown the fuck up ever since they added in mythics. Have fun chasing playsets of $50+ card as opposed to $20 back in the days.

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I don’t think it would work. Even if you copied the imprint effect you still need the card removed from the game and there’s only one card.

There are a few cards that let you imprint multiple cards on the same card, like Panoptic Mirror for example.

Yea using Jion’s example, you’d still only get to keep either one of Final Fortune or Angel’s Grace on the Scepter. I don’t think you’d be able to get both at the same time.

Another similar ruling to copying effects and imprinting can be seen on the Cipher ability out of the new Ravnica set:

Technically speaking, every time the creature deals combat damage it copies the ciphered spell, meaning the cipher effect does get copied as well. However, you can’t attach this copied spell triggered from cipher onto another creature because it’s a copy, not a card. Cipher needs a spell card to properly encode itself onto a creature, just like Isochron scepter needs an instant card to imprint as it comes into play.

So technically you could copy the imprint ability, you’d just have to produce another card to be imprinted. But even if you did do that you couldn’t really do anything with it because Strionic Resonator has no way of actually doing anything with an imprinted card. It would need Isochron’s activated ability.

If you chose a new target and imprinted both on Isochron, the triggered ability on Isochron is clearly copying a single imprinted card. So even if you did end up with two cards imprinted on the same Isochron you’d still have to choose which one to copy when you activated it. You couldn’t get both.

So I did a bit of googling and apparently you get to cast both (or none, or just the one) imprinted cards and in any order with the scepter and resonator combo. Fucking nuts.

Wow…sometimes I feel like Magic rules aren’t consistent at all. That ruling makes no sense to me considering their past rulings on Imprint.

Strionic Resonator seems like a ruling nightmare and surprises me that it even made it out of R&D.

Yeah it is essentially the “imprint part” is were Resonator can let you get away with casting two spells. Same thing goes for Oblivion Ring like effects exiling two things at the same time as well as those things returning if O-Ring left the battlefield. But I believe they may be dumbing down effects like that if you look at the new M14 cards Banisher Priest and Colossal Whale. /

Normally with stack shennigans you can exile things forever with O-rings. But with those aforementioned cards there is no way to exile things forever. Maybe a Turn/Burn can exile a thing forever but I don’t know for sure. Pretty much gotta look at cards that have [when," “whenever,” or "at]. So it works for upkeep stuffs.

They’ve been dumbing this game down for ages now so nothing new there. Even pre-releases have been resorting to more and more gimmicky bullshit (pick your allegiance with New Phyrexia, the Guildpack shenanigans in Ravnica and now this quest thing for Theros). I’m still upset they got rid of mana burn and combat damage no longer stacking.

It does work. The triggered ability is when Isochron comes into to play to imprint. Instead of exiling 1 instant, you exile 2 instants and put it on Isochron scepter. Because you have both instants imprinted on the scepter, everytime you tap 2 to activate scepter, both imprinted spells get cast at the same time. Imagine if you have 2 dark rituals imprinted on one scepter. Imagine if you had something like 2 lightning bolts on one scepter, or put a counterspell and a bommerang on 1 scepter…


I think I have that Karakas card, i gotta look. What’s the new oracle ruling???

Wow I just thought of a lot of other cards that combos with Strionic Resonator which will make Strionic Resonator banned and/or restricted in some tournament formats. On card that comes to mind is Lord of the Pit…

Hey guys! I’m trying to build an affinity deck at the moment to play more modern.

I went through a buddy of mine’s cards the other day and was able to find the majority of the deck–my biggest problem (surprise surprise!) is the lands and some rare creatures.

Lands (almost all of them):
Inkmoth Nexus x 4
Blinkmoth Nexus x 4
Glimmervoid x 4

arcbound ravager x 3 (he had 1)
etched champion x 4

at this moment in time I’d be more willing to trade if anything. Just thought I would see if anybody on these boards had any of those cards. Hit me up if you wanna get rid of some oldies but goodies. I’m pretty sure all of my cards are from this standard block since i’m getting back into the game again :-/

Putting Broodstar in there?

Disciple of the Vault and Shatterstorm combo would be good too…

Yo disciple of the vault is a craaaazy good one drop, highly recommend. Also broodstar has won me many a game (same with chromescale drake and mycosynth golem).

So im looking for some fun deck ideas before i go back to college, thinking im gonna run some squirrel tribal, already got a combo elf deck in the works (just gotta get 3 more glimpses). Anybody here have any fun deck ideas that arent insanely expensive? here you go

new spoiler up for the next set