The magical death of the LT/RT inputs... why?!

So today I was playing on my PC with my Round 2 TE, and in the middle of a local match my Akuma refuses to roundhouse. First thing that comes to my head is, “shit, not again.” I immediately quit and check the Joystick settings in the Control Panel and see that buttons 9 and 10 don’t work, which are the LT and RT buttons respectively. They just magically died… again.

Does anyone have a decent reason why this occurs? This is the 2nd stick to shit out on me like this. I know the PCBs by Madcatz are crap, but could someone provide a technical, more thorough reasoning?

Thanks. I am in the process of emailing/calling Madcatz for a new PCB atm. :smiley:

Bad PCB design most likely.

Grounding out both metal plates via the screws has made the problem go away for me, but YMMV