The majestic Xian


Let us all take a moment and appreciate our introduction to this Street Fighter beast


Xian earned it for sure. You always got the feeling that Xian was in control during his top 8 run. They said it best, he was absolutely SURGICAL with his application of normals in key situations.

And I think we can all agree Gen with super stocked is one of if not the most dangerous character in the game.

Too much hype. I have a bad headache from all the excitement but it was totally worth it. In my opinion the most hype SF4 Evo yet.


this finals was amazing. Dont forget that the finals were Gen v. Akuma, a match heavily in favour of Akuma for many reasons. Xian has lost to these akumas before (and won as well) and it really shows the importance of PUTTING IN WORK and learning the matchup. This is a good example of stop blaming your character’s weaknesses and start levelling up. Xian’s improvement with Gen, a character normally considered middle- uppermid tier, is all due to him and his hard work. So happy for him right now, he deserves it so much.
EDIT: also inb4 people say nerf Gen and etc (which is common amongst post evo winning characters), go play Gen for yourself. He has grave weaknesses in some areas but can be a monster in other parts of his game. He is 100% a fair, balanced character (other than unblockables but those are being universally removed). Gen winning EVO had nothing to do with cheap tools, just a product of determination and practice.


He was majestic with the previous hairstyle, not so much with this one



GGs and Congrats Xian.

Anyone in that top 8 could have taking it though. Haitani and Rog were the most entertaining for me.