The majestic Xian

Let us all take a moment and appreciate our introduction to this Street Fighter beast

I played him in pools at CEO and at EVO. His EX Kyo and EX Iori are nightmareish to fight against.
Never even got to his Karate.

I have a ton of respect for his play, his spacing is always on point, and his execution is incredible. He actually goes for rekka cancel infinite in tournament and gets quite a few reps.

aside from Gen in SF, Xian also specializes in EX Kyo, Flame Iori and Mr. Karate…

and it was an awesome three series match against Tokido

First match (KOF) Xian uses Elizabeth and then later went back to Karate but Tokido still blew him up
Second Match (SF) The Rematch where the fight was still close but Xian’s Gen rose atop Tokido’s Akuma
Third Match: The SF4 Finals, the rubber match… Xian’s Gen prevailed… maybe he had a lot of time to download Akuma in general for the night since Tokido and Infiltration were tearing it up all over the place…

Although not as good as his Gen, Xian’s KOF team is still beastly in it’s own merit… much better IMO than Chris G’s KOF team

How come in the articles they don’t mention Xian also Placing Top 7 in KOF, that’s a testament to his skill… He’s the Best in Street Fighter this year AND he’s also a top player in another game…

It’s always Xian is the top dog in SF as if he wasn’t good at another game.

BTW has Xian ever matched up with Reynald in KOF? because in Texas Showdown 2013, Xian has Defeated Romance (The dude that’s been dominant in KOF Tourney’s without Bala for the past year) KOF may not be Xian’s main game but he’s damn good there as well.

And he’s the nicest guy too! Been talking to him on facebook and we’ve just had a nice chat about hardware and then his opinions on other characters. It’s great to see a pro talk to srubs :slight_smile:

Very likeable guy. Looking forward to watching him in future tournaments.

Also that video is hilarious. Zhi - “Counter-picking is as American as the cheeseburger.”

You guys going to suck Xian’s dick or what?