The Make Fun Of SmashBoards Brawl Players Thread

They’re so funny with their ban hammers


smashboards is turning into the soul calibur boards as far as trying to make the game as “skillfull” as possible.

its pathetic really and shows their lack of experience with fighting games.

and also just further proves the point that the brawl community shouldnt be taken seriously.

This is the reason why Brawl is making Smash look very bad. Melee was the best in the series.

On another note, if you try to make an argument by comparing AKuma or anyother fighting game, they will dismiss it by any means possible. Which is retarded.

Hmmmm, whats the purpose of this thread again?

To make fun of Smashboards so that they get the message MK isn’t even ban worthy.

He has no 90-10s and he punishes agression. The Brawl community is full of Scrubs who whine about MK every tournament. Literally. They want him banned so they don’t have to play around him.

but everybody whines about something.

me being a smasher i personally do not think MK is ban worthy, not even at high levels is he worth it. let them do their thing. its their community, it would be like smashers posting stupid stuff up saying, “HEY BAN GOUKEn, CUZ HES KEN and RYUS MASTAH AND JUS TOO STRONG.”

let them be.

I was kinda hoping this portion of SRK would be smasher friendly… lolz.


I stopped playing Smash in any sort of serious way just a bit before Brawl came out because from the videos I was seeing of people with the Japanese version of the game, I knew it was the end. The problem is that everyone on Smashboards just ate it up. They were an alright lot when Melee was the only game in town, but when they ignored all the flaws of Brawl and just pushed Melee aside because it was “old”, that was it for me. I’m not even going to get into the mentalities of the people over there.

Even as a party game Brawl isn’t that fun compared to Melee because there’s just too much random bullshit. Melee had a good balance between randomness and skill with items on whereas Brawl is pretty much completely random with items on, so it feels more like a slot machine than a real game. Even with items off there’s still tripping and the worst balance of any fighting game I can think of. Have you ever watched videos of “high-level” Brawl matches? They’re the most mind-numbing [media=youtube]B4jYJ-Yjf3w&feature=channel_page"[/media]. I played the guy named Scotu in Melee a long time ago and he was pretty good; kind of an elitist, though. That video…in the time it takes them to complete one match there could have been 6-8 matches in SF4. Brawl is not only boring, but it’s a huge waste of time. I’m surprised dozens of people don’t just fall asleep simultaneously at Brawl tournaments. Of course, the stuff in the video is intense for them, I assume.

I just hope they eventually realise how shitty Brawl is and go back to Melee. Nintendo is lucky that their fans will eat whatever they shit out. If the people of Smashboards were intelligent they would have a massive demonstration in front of Nintendo of America’s HQ with big pile of flaming Brawl discs demanding a real game.

Alright, that last part was a little ridiculous but I’m kind of tired right now and I’m remembering the sheer disappointment from when I first played Brawl.


IF you want real lulz check out this one

Oh my god!

Intelligent posts in smashboards?


This thread is just stupid. I could use it if I wanted to make a thread ‘to make fun of srk smash players’ and I would have tons of threads at my disposal.

This isn’t gonna end well is it?

Well, they did flame my thread about items and stuff so I can link you if you want some lolz.

the thing is, is barwl tournies are pulling 100+ man tournies every month(here in FL anyway).

Barwl shows no signs of dieing down.

and the fact that it was made for your mom and grandparents, just means that these fags who think they’re good at something will be playing this well into early next century.

ANybody here plays Brawl competitively?

like seriously why should any of you guys really worry about how another community handles thier business? it just doesnt make any sense.

BRawl tournaments do pull wieght in the money here in SoCal, tournaments are like at least a min of 40-50 entrants, the game isnt a “true fighting” game, granted. Doesnt mean that kids don’t sit there and practice their assses off to find way to learn their match ups and so on and so forth.

meh, just me. i kinda like this thread now.

I’m just trying to wrap my head around how people could even like such a terrible game to begin with, let alone play it competitively. Brawl fails at both levels of play. Melee is better for casual and serious play. The one thing that Brawl has that Melee doesn’t (online play) was executed so poorly that it’s just another negative. I don’t care that people play Brawl in tournaments and whatnot, I just have to resist the urge to hurt people when they say Brawl is “balanced” and “deep”. If people want to waste their money on what amounts to a flashy (yet boring) slot machine, they might as well go to a casino.

players who say that arent real players. brawl is terribly imbalanced for a “fighting” game. people just complain too much though. “OMG MK IS TOO STRONG!”!!!"!"!"

no he isnt. granted his matchups are mostly in his favor the dude isnt invincible. but whatever.

anything can be competitive. its a lot more fun when the game is diverse, i think thats why brawl isnt so fun [besides lack of technical skill and speed] because it isnt so diverse tournament wise. idk

tossing out thoughts.

I honestly never really cared for the dumb stuff like that, I just play the game, at the highest level I can attain. Peach ftw.

actually, IMO, brawl might be more diverse than we think.

isnt there like 35 characters?

its the community that fails.

MK has characters that he doesnt completely dominant, people just play MK and MK ditto instaed of picking up a possible closely matched character(falco,pika,snake).

this is me looking from the outside in, so maybe i am missing something(doubtful, barwl is full of morons).

No, youre just missing something. Have you played brawl "competitively before? Like at a high level with the likes of players like DSF, DEHF, mHaze, Nanerz, Praxis, Jem, SK92, M2k, Dojo, ect ?

its on a whole different level. like i said, its their community and their game. im sure they have reasons for most of the stuff they bring up. Im not going to say that the community isnt without its flaws, but shit, what community isnt right?

Me I play it competitively, played against those guys, minus the EC and Dirty South top players, its whole different scene.

meh, just me. right now im just loving the sf4 scene

I dont get what all the smash bashing is all about. I played melee and brawl competitively for a long time and just recently got back into traditional 2d fighters. I played mvc2 alot way back when, but nothing too serious. Im getting very serious with SF4 and think both smash and street fighter are very deep fighting franchises with their pros and cons respectively. I feel the sf4 mechanics and metagame are alot more rigid, making you have less room for error to succeed. Smash is alot more fluid and is of course based on a whole different system of play rather than energy depletion. I feel smash is multidimentional in a way street fighter will never be, and because of the unorthodox mechanics and gameplay…“serious” fight-scene players dismiss it as nothing more than a kiddie button smashing game.

I really dont care how much people hate smash, the tournaments, size of the community, and overall support for the franchise speaks volumes for itself as being one of the most popular fighting franchises to hit the fighting scene.

Those who hate it have never actually sat down with it to give it an honest chance. Pikachu versus solid snake…i know, it sounds retarted, but smash is seriously a whole different type of fighting game. As much as im loving street fighter (and believe me, my hours of play and youtubing prove this!)…i gotta give it up to smash for being fresh, deep, and getting me seriously back into fighting games.

if u played melee competitively then played brawl, youd know what all the smash bashing is about.

and junior everyone on that list is trash except M2k.

i played melee competitively for 3 years, traveled as far as indiana, georgia, NFL(i live in south florida). ive played brawl competitively for the first 3 months of its life. no more will i.

brawl is an ok game but the community(2 different things) is just attrocious.

They’re STILL arguing about Metaknight? I thought they got over this like 6 months ago. What gives?

LOL’d wow. just really wow! I dont think i could take your comments seriously anymore, it was interesting at first then this post just definatly killed it. good convo though.

Oh and the whole Mk thing is a big deal. Honestly I have no problem with the match up, and I main a lower teir character [Peach] but seriously MK isnt going away any time soon.