The make your own comic/find srk talent thread

Well, i’m designing this thread to be an a sorta art thread…yes we have an art forum. But i feel people in the comic thread will be more comic oriented which this is for. Building your own comic and finding local talent to make it.

I am myself admist a comic project myself…currently designing and writing a fighting comic. It will obviously be an indpendant project…i haven’t seen an pure american comic tackle fighting comic format since battle gods which was 2000. I have a few unique ideas and i will be posting up some artwork within the week…if im not too lazy tonight.

i believe our comic mod is also an artist…id like to see some artwork…and hopefully the guy who i pmed a while back about his tatoo posts in here…dude has real talent. and a style i really dig.

Stuff I posted in other thread. The mini-manga reads from right to left.

My comic strip I had printed in Free Comics NY. Soon to be published in Dirty Trails magazine, I just don’t know when exactly.

I’m doing another strip story for a small magazine now. I’ll toss up some more fan art whenever I stop being lazy and get around to scanning more stuff.

How convenient. I am developing and writing a number of projects that I intend on drawing in due course, and I am also planning on embarking on McCloud’s 24 Hour Comic Challenge this weekend. Perhaps I will soon have something to post in this thread.

I need to get off my ass and start doing shit instead of doing it in my head. Of course my shit is too me too. In the sense I want to knock-off the Japanese by emulating their magazines like Young Animal, Big Comic Spirits, Young Jump and Buisness Jump.

I went to fucking school to do this, but I don’t have a lot to show for it.

Used to have my own website with more artwork, but I took it down because I’d stopped updating. That stuff on DevArt is old, like 1998-2000 old. I’ve gotten a lot better, just not productive-wise. :lol:

I’ve been working on 4 different comic series in some form for about 10 years now. Each one’s still under development; character design, plotting, scripting, tying everything up. I don’t know what to do about it, other than try to get it online somehow.

I can’t draw but I can write and conceptualize. So basically I am useless for this thread.

Hi Mom.

Did you hear about Zuda Comics? DC’s new online comics thing which gives underground people a chance. I don’t really know too much about it but if you are serious that is probably something to look into.

If you can post on shoryuken, I am sure you are good enough for DC and Marvel. I’d read a comic you wrote. Hi.

I’m in the process of getting my comic idea off the ground. Once I get the rest of my education I’ll go to a writing college and see what I can do from there. Only problem I have is how to “Break in” to the comic scene. I have a bunch of scripts down that I need to finalize, I could post some of it on here once I get a full one done.

As I can’t draw for the life of me I can’t provide images, I had a guy interested in doing some who’s currently in an art college, he say’s on a regular basis people from Marvel, DC, etc. come looking for new people, which would be great.

I would really like this comic under the Image name, since I can’t see it in either Marvel or DC (If I had to choose one of those, Marvel most likely).

marvel has a specific image quality a type of comics they generally allow to be under their name. It’s probably easier to start as an indepedant and make a name for yourself through grassroots campaign and once you build a fanbase and a lil recognition, it makes it easier to talk to the bigger companies.

Yeah, I would like full creative control of what I make, why I want to go with Image or another independent source. Once I have an artist, that is lol.

ok this is “fighters of duelist kingdom post” I’m going to slowly be adding character designs and notes.

championship belt:

Looks interesting, did you draw it? Nice art style, very good. I’d be interested in reading it.

I’m working on a superhero one, kind of a street level comic with humor.

ya i drew it and then went into illustrator and used livetraced. I modeled it after the k1 max belt.

i want to get the guy who’s pretty much been my comic mentor since i was 16 to work wit me on it. but sadly he’s admist a divorce…so it probably wont happen for a while. he’s the only other artist who can truly understand fighting comics.

check out his stuff

i’m inking up one of the boxers right now and will post him in the fodk post.

Fighting comics were always interesting to me. Mine will have a lot of brawling involved, since my guy is basically an invulnerable strong man with a bad history lol.

It’s good to work with what you like and know, I look forward to seeing some more stuff. If I can find a decent artist I’ll get some stuff up.

my plot starts off the usual fighting game plot…multibillionaire holds an international martial arts tournament on a distant location. But as per usual their is something more to the tournament. It will be different in the plot…and as well as its a 3 man team comic. Which i’m a bit worried it may get convulated…cause 3 man teams involve alot of characters…their will be mma fighters, japanese pro wrestlers, luchadores,tkd artists,regular old street fighters…and then their will be some match ups i’ve always wanted to see such as capoeira vs breakdancing, mma vs prowrestling, and a few others as the series and characters develop.

I want the tournament to just be part 1 in a 3 part saga. and if it can really take off of course i want to do sumtin crazy like an ova and tv series and video game.

I would like to see a fighting tournament that actually get’s finished, in a lot of media something happens to fuck it up and it never is completed which peeves me.

You have any characters so far that are mostly done?

What exactly do you guys mean by “fighting comics”? You mean like the Street Fighter comic and comics based on fighting games? And manga type stuff like Dragon Ball or something?

I wouldn’t even bother thinking about hooking up with DC or Marvel. Their talent pool these days is almost 100% incestuous. They very, very, very rarely accept new, unproven talent. You’d have better luck getting struck by lightning.

Fortunately, as has been mentioned, there are many smaller houses–Dark Horse, for example–that are more interested in acquiring fresh talent. Also, with the advent of the Internet, self-publishing became a hell of a lot easier and cheaper (this has its drawbacks, of course). It’s a very good time to get into comics… as long as you’re not heart-set on DC or Marvel.

I was wondering that myself. I figured they meant martial arts-based action comics.

fighting comics honestly is a genre in itself…dragon ball, yuyu hakusho tenjoue tenge ect…

no its not a fighting game…my idea is 100% original…may take elements from others but its original. Not based on street fighter not based on a game.

if i could i’d build a whole company based on fighting comics.

goodm0urning: i specifically said fighting comics…cuz martial arts fighting means it has martial arts but their are styles not considered martial arts such as boxing and wrestling

Your acting Elitilist to be only having fighting stories in on this.

You do need more than just that to be a writer of comics max… (you should know this)

Gotta understand all of the generas…

Me I’ll have fighting in my stuff indeed but I’d rather portray my stuff as Action and Adventure stories then just fight all day. The reason of this is to get more fans interested, if you only have fighting stories most fans will just be one group of the big crowd of fans that the industry has.

I’m just saying it’d be more fun if you mix it up a little bit with some other shit going down.