The Man of Steel thread : The Superman Thread


so whats everyones thoughts on Clark?

im not even a fan of the character that much, but he is a ton of fun to play.
Im playing him on stick, and it seems harder to iad with him (my friend said on pad it was easy )

Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios

I Haven’t played injustice but let me guess, the most Generic Superhero all time (not saying it’s a bad thing) gets the most generic gameplay and does that involve The typical Fireball and Uppercuts? and I guess to Silence the “Superman is too strong” Stigma…

This Superman is probably low tier-crap tier.

I wish i was wrong though.


^u would think so, but he feels like a marvel character…
only because of his instant air dash, and plus frames on strong strings/trait cancels. he is fun!


Superman is a pressure dealing beast that can zone if necessary.


I’m really digging him. Constant air pressure between crossup command dives that can be really ambiguous (cross is a full combo) to square dash crossups, and pretty decent zoning. Yes others do it better, but its enough to play the zone game when you need to chip, keep an opponent guessing or frustrate a grappler.

His damage is good but I can’t get his best TYM combos working with trait and MB breath yet. His Super is ridiculous and he has one of the best traits in the game. He’s Super, man.


I’ve only seen one good Supes online. Mind you he was 26-0 in a KotH room. Nice seeing him just suddenly be in your face, and landing a quick and easy combo that knocks your ass to the corner and deals some reliable damage. I hate all the scrubs sitting at the far end of the level shooting heat vision from the air in the top corner of the screen though.


Its mostly because online is ass for opponent quality right now. I’m not good and I think I’ve only lost twice, only maybe played five good people. By far most are just people who jump in repeatedly or just try brainless zoning at fullscreen having no clue what to do when big blue airdashes then command dives on the next projectile.

Are people using rooms to find people who can play?


I’d avoid rank like the plague since everyone who plays it is terrible, while player matches have some good players.


alright! i found new tech, ill try to record it, and update the first post with goodies.

do feel free to contribute as well. lets make this into the Super thread that it deserves to be.


Don’t have the game, but I saw Supes’ alternate win pose and thought it was awesome.


I’m digging Supes. I feel like he’s pretty versatile.


Raven is a shitty matchup I think, I got worked by a good one last night. I don’t know how people can do online combos so well.


It seems that 98% IO combo with superman isnt all that impossible or impractical as most of us thought.


So I’m really digging Superman. His zoning is super oppressive and his combos are relatively easy for good damage. However, I’m having a lot of trouble if people get in on me. If they start hitting me with their strings and I’m blocking, I can’t ever seem to actually poke back. It seems like there’s no good opening or way to get out of pressure. I’ve been doing qcf2 for that uppercut grab, but that seems pretty unsafe. I also am getting hit by crossup jump-ins pretty bad. It feels very slow and clunky (good ol’ MK engine), and I’m trying to figure out the timings of everything for counter-poking/escaping pressure of blocked strings.


Pushblock, AA (D2, 2, 3 works good too).
Wake up game: Swoop if they’re on the ground, Breath, MB breath, Rising grab if in the air.


I could use some help with Superman, I can’t play him at all yet he’s my favorite character. I understand some combos with him, but everything I do just gets punished so hard. Any tips?


All his combo strings are safe on block. ending them with Breath or mb breath will make them even more safe on block giving you a + on block.

Don’t do his specials that aren’t breath/MB breath unless you know they will hit because they’re pretty punishable on block.


Also, what do I do with superman against catwoman when all she does is crouch and all my attacks whif. Aside from MB heat vision?


I’ve been jumping, air dashing to cross up and coming down with a j.2 into a combo. Is that the only real aerial move to come down into a combo? I can’t seem to find anything to use j.3 for except if you’re in the corner. Also, don’t underestimate Superman’s zoning. Don’t be afraid to use some heavy eye lasers until they get into midscreen or so. I’ve caused a lot of ragequits because a lot of people can’t seem to deal with those well-timed jump back eye lasers lol.


That sounds neat. I try not to use heat vision too much because don’t want to “spam”, also I’m trying to use more utilities he has. Also has anyone found any decent combos? His b3 seems way to hard to hit in a combo. Also the only combo that feels simple with decent damage is: j2 223 f23 f23 db2(Breath?) The breath is hard to hit though. I haven’t reaaly been able to found some solid combos. I’m more use to playing Batman where his combos feel super easy to hit no matter what. Maybe I just need to get used to timing with Supes?