The man that led the arcade distribution in the USA, Bill Cravens, passed away

I’m quite surprised that there hasn’t been a single thread or mention of him on SRK, Bill Cravens passed away last month; without his efforts, SF2 might never have been in the United States, as well as a slew of other arcade games.

Here is an article about one of his sons speaking about the arcade scene:

They weren’t kidding, he IS in SF1. lol

Damn, that’s crazy. Thanks for the information.

I’d hit it.

Wow. That’s an amazing person. So sad that I only knew of him after his death, even though we have him to thank for being able to play SF2.


Such sad news. My fun and exciting times in the arcades were helped made possible by this man (Bill Cravens). May he rest in peace.

What an awesome person to not even know about until after he passed.


EDIT: And after reading some of those articles, this would have been the perfect guy to help bring arcades back from the poor state they are in now. Truly sad.

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Obviously a crucial part in the second golden era of arcades by bringing SF2 to us in the US. My happiest memories of the arcade revolve around those days. RIP

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