The Man v. Food Thread

Alright I did a search and didn’t see a thread about this so I decided to toss this up. If some how I managed to miss it, Mods please delete this.

Man v. Food is an American food reality television series.It is shown on the Travel Channel. The show is hosted by actor and food enthusiast Adam Richman. In each episode, Richman explores the “big food” of a different American city before facing off against a pre-existing eating challenge at a local restaurant.

I started watching this show about 3 months ago and Every episode I love it more and more, and It shows me some of the most Awesome looking foods and challenges I wouldn’t mind taking myself.

Any thoughts.

This is one of the 3 shows I watch on Travel Channel (with bizarre food/world and No Reservations being the others). This guy exudes charisma and the shit he eats looks awesome. If I could I’d love to take on a couple of the challenges he did. My friends back home took on the inferno wings challenge. didn’t beat it, lol.

bullshit show. They interviewed me for the Memphis episode and I never appeared in it or even as a sound bit. Worse part was that I was in both the filming of The Rendezvous and The Sasquatch.

Actually the show is pretty awesome, despite them not putting me in the show.

When I watch this show, I feel like I am watching a documentary about him getting fat because that dude has blown up. Season 3 he is going to be in sweatpants.

i like the show Diners Dives and Drive thrus as well. Just the dirtiest food you could ever think of! When you’ve been in thailand for 4 months these shows are the most torture you could put yourself through…I crave western food so bad, and they don’t make it here anywhere near how they make it back home

My wife and I enjoy this show a lot. She asked me if it was weird that she found him attractive :lol: When I asked her why she referred back to liking guys with healthy appetites (which is me :D).
Seriously though. The guy is very likable and entertaining to watch. :tup:

All the food on this show looks like garbage. delicious, delicious, deep fried, cheese covered garbage.

It’s an awesome show. I just caught the Memphis episode yesterday…man, I lived in Memphis from childhood to high school graduation, and never even heard of those places, but the food looked awesome. I might have to make a special trip next time I’m there to try The Sasquatch, at least if I could get it with no mustard or pickles. I cannot tolerate that vile garbage…it’s completely unacceptable to me.

The bun is probably the major problem in challenges like that… I’m not sure if it’s this way for most people, but I get full much faster from bread than anything else. If it was just the burger with slightly smaller bun… I would have more hope in beating that challenge. It would be great to give it a shot though, as my appetite has always been insane, despite not being fat.

Anyway, I caught a glimpse of another episode where there was a giant pizza…it was weighing in at something crazy like 11 lbs.! Ohhhhh that is a dream come true. There’s no such thing as “too much” pizza.

I’ve been to all the place they mention on the Seattle Ep. None of those places are as amazing as they make it sound. They’re decent though.

God bless this man’s insides. Every other episode is him eating Ghost Peppers and deep fried foods. Still fun as hell to watch though. :rofl:

In a few days he’s gonna be in my town but don’t know where exactly. I definitely wanna see if I can go.

You kidding?! Crab Pot is the shit! Red Mill is the shit! BETH’S (while I haven’t tried a 12-egg omelette yet) is the shits! :rofl:

What’s a “food enthusiast?” Is it someone who enjoys eating? Isn’t that everybody? Or can we safely say that large chunks of Africa don’t eat because they’re not “food enthusiasts?”

show is grotesque. I enjoy good food, I’m not in a battle with it, the whole theme and idea of the show is kind of aggravating. Just the celebration of excess and all that, this show wouldn’t fly in basically any other country. That said, I like him better as a person than Guy Fierri although I like DD&D better as a programme?

The first half of the show I get really hungry, then the second half with the eating challenge I get almost nauseous.

Dudes kind of disgusting honestly…I can’t believe how much he packs away. I watch this show a lot cause I love No Reservations and tend to just leave the TV on that channel. Dudes a black hole.

What’s funny is that he actually has problems finishing foods the size of a grapefruit, lol.

Its an alright watch considering but you really have to fucking wonder why we’re wasting time with this stupidity. Also, gives the other countries the obligatory “Americans Are fat, argument”; stuff like this isn’t helping matters, even if it is true.

I like the show a great deal. The fun-loving, charismatic host Adam Richman is a joy to watch. He’s like that chill dude in high school who was friends with everyone and hyped up even the dullest days.

The food portion sometimes makes me question how much breaks he gets between episodes, cuz some of the challenges look like it’d take a week to “process” at least. I just hope the show makes him visit the doc every once in a while, cuz cholesterol is the silent killer.

I want to go to Gladys Knight’s restaurant.

Surprisingly, I didn’t even think about this issue until recently…you just know this guy must take MONSTER dumps. It’s probably an epic event when he hits up the bathroom after a typical episode. They’d have to bring in a team of biohazard specialists with the hazmat suits to handle and contain that situation. Gluttony is such a wonderful “sin”, but you eventually pay the price when you have to sit on that throne and unleash Hell for awhile.

They already did a Man v. Food and Dhani Jones crossover.

I disagree. Crap Pot rapes your pocket and all they do is steam their shit. I can melt some butter, steam some king crabs and dip them myself thank you very much!!!

Also they force you to buy a minimum of 2 crab pot. The fuck what if you want to share one? Guess what? Not happening because you are force to buy two or no buy at all. Alaskan = $34.95 Per Person You are force to buy two. = $70. < :nunchuck:

Don’t get me wrong crab pot is good, but not amazing.

As for Beth is concern.

They are good, but not amazing. The portion they give you is gdlk. However after x amount of bites you start to hit that wall, and shit isn’t so tasty anymore.