I looked, didn’t find a thread, if there is one mods merge/lock PLS




lol theres no thread cause we’re literally discussing it in 3 diff threads. rap thread, movie thread and martial arts thread.


3 threads i never visit. I need to step my GD up


Well I wouldn’t have seen this either without this thread. I NEEDED TO SEE THIS.


Saw the trailer a few days ago. Looks dope.



lol Wiz Khalifa and Batista. :rofl:
I want to watch this movie right now!


wut? wiz?


This needs its own thread. Day one view for me

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My bad.
His music is featured in it.
Still lol Batista :rofl:


Looks like they overdid the CGI + 3D gimmicks


Its music from wiz khalifa though, I don’t think he actually makes an appearance. Color me interested, this could go either way but when I saw that tarantino was involved my interest definitely spiked.


might as well get samuel l.jackson and make a live action afro samurai now.


WTF They have a gold Colossus?!


Part of me is expecting 2pac to show up in this.


So… what is Russel Crowe’s role in this?


LOL @ Russel Crowe’s character being the only one using guns. Didn’t notice Botchtista was the Gold Colossus-looking dude at first. I’m mad hype to see this ish… I was wondering where all the martial arts flicks went…


RZA is behind this, huh?

Wonder how many tracks he’ll do for the music.
I enjoyed the music he put into the Afro Samurai series.


as long as the white guy doesnt fuck all those asian girls after killing a bunch of asian guys to do so

otherwise i will boycott


RZA recta


He won’t.

There is a black guy in it.

The white guy will prolly only fuck the one nice Asian girl.

But they’ll both be killing Asian dudes like a fat kid clicking a Pez dispenser, plzblv.

Sorry in advance, Clint.