The mandel xbox power cord fiasco. Take a look if you were @ power outage night

Mandel had a metal power adapter. That night, he ended up with a plastic power adapter. Now, we’ve already tried discerning with the plastic/metal thing, with no luck. I’ve recently traded power adapters with Mandel to see if his fits mine. It does not. So I have drawn a diagram showing the differences in the plug.

So there’s these two horizontal rectangles in between the six squares on the plastic plug. If you have a metal one, there will just be a box - one box - in between the usual six squares that are there in the plug.

I don’t quite understand how someone can get the wrong one and not know it, unless maybe they don’t play their xbox and haven’t hooked it up since?

So for reference, my xbox has the single rectangle in the middle, meaning I’ve always had the metal adapter. What happened to mandel’s? Can we please work together to help a negro out? Does anyone have the two rectangles instead of one in the middle so that this plastic plug will fit? It ain’t mandel’s and it ain’t mine.

don’t the metal plugs have those 2 buttons on the side that you have to press to remove the plug?

damn squirrels. i dont have it cuz i dont own a 360

Not familiar with that. If mine had that, I’d never pressed any buttons to pull it out of the back. :lol:

I was there and I only left with exactly what I came with which was my stick. I really hope this gets resolved soon this shit is hella ridiculous.

Yeah man, this is truly absurd. The worst thing about it, is that I don’t even know who to suspect now that I’ve checked with everyone that I could remember that brought XBoxes over to my house.

i think what we should just do is get him another cord…we are wasting time trying to find out who done it…maybe MS sent him a different box.

people there that night:
]mandel of course
[]nolan - just brought a tv

Three setups.

One xbox was mine. I thought Nolan brought one but he says he didn’t and it must just be me confusing him bringing the TV.

I believe Brent had an xbox there? with I believe Jacob (correct me if I’m wrong) bringing the third box.

We figure that the person who hasn’t figured it out yet is someone who doesn’t really hook up their xbox and play lately. Brent’s wheels of fate are turning so yo Jacob, check yo shit out, how many rectangles you got? I’m callin’ you out homie, I want this shit solved. SOMEBODY there has an xbox that this plastic one fits into. This shit did not just valmorphanize into a different plug.

LET’S JUST POOL SOME MONEY AND BUY ANOTHER ONE fuck. I’ll go and try to find and buy one tomorrow and ya’ll can pay me back. We’ve been going at this for almost a month now. I’m positive that MS probably sent mandel a different box than before. But fuck man how many people are going to just sit there and be like oh well iono. Mandel came to my house and we checked my shit and as I said it ain’t my shit.

EDIT 1: this is the one that we are looking for right???

EDIT 2: There’s one available at the XR’s Gamestop for 40 bucks. We got 8 ppl that regularly go to Mandel’s on monday including myself minus mandel (if that makes any damn sense). So is to too much to ask for the MNF regulars to give me 5 bucks, then we can have this fucking shit behind us?

The problem with saying that MS sent me a different box than before is that when I registered my XBox I sent them my serial #. From that they knew how old the XBox was and that the original warranty on the XBox had expired. In addition to the fact that I knew my adapter was always metal. It also doesn’t account for the fact that I was left with an adapter that I had never seen before, one that doesn’t fit my current XBox.

And yeah that’s the adapter we’re looking for.

I pretty much feel the way frank does about it, its just stupid silly were still going on about this so I feel we ought to just bust out a new one for the fellow.

I GOT 5 ON IT =)

lowercases so i can keep caps

ill put up on the adaptor

Yeah, been talkin’ to jacob and he has a plastic adapter but already(still?) has a plastic adapter so since there’s absolutely nobody who owns this motherfuckin’ extra plastic adapter that fits nobody’s shit, we’re gonna just buy another metal one, and mandel and I can just take turns with a hammer and beat the shit outta this plastic power cord that apparently belong to nobody :tup:

I still think this fiasco is weird. My 360 fits both metal and plastic plugs. I’ve got the metal one in right now. The plastic one went with the refurb 360, I think.

mspaint plz

how’s it fit plastic and metal

and if you got metal but it fits plastic, TRADE ME NIGGA


I believe all the plastic-tipped adapters are for the more recent revisions of the 360 hardware that required less wattage. I’m pretty sure all the low-wattage 360s (starting with the ‘Falcon’ chipset) had HDMI ports on the back, whereas none of the higher-wattage first-gen 360s have HDMI (except for the first run of the Elite trim level, which I think was high-wattage and had HDMI.) So if someone has both HDMI ports on the back of their 360 AND a metal-tipped adapter, they may have accidentally swapped AC adapters with Mandel. The high-wattage adapters should still work fine with low-wattage systems (the system just draws less power) so the person who swapped it could well be completely unaware that they did so.

LOL you better do what he says dude

Do you know the specific wattages/voltage draws for the different systems? If so, I can just check the back of my 360 and we’ll know if we can trade.

Either way, I have a metal one with the buttons on the sides, and I don’t need to mess with the buttons to put it in or take it out, and I’m pretty sure I switched adapters between the two 360s I had before selling the one I bought and keeping the RRoD one I kept after getting it back from MS.

Either way, I can bring my 360 and adapter to the next gathering I go to and see if we can trade, eh?

I was wondering about the wattage too… but like what does the port for yours look like? Like in the back of your xbox where it plugs in, if it doesn’t have a slot for the one/two rectangles (like in my awesome diagram), does it just have nothing in between? Or is it totally different?

EDIT: wait, if there’s an xbox that the plastic AND metal ones work for, wouldn’t that narrow it down to Brent? before we buy a new one, if we can get a hold of him, someone should talk to him and have him look at his xbox power port. maybe he used to have a plastic one and the metal one is just working because he has the dual-compatible one. I know we can just buy a new one, but it’s just so ridiculous we can’t get this. There was only 3 xboxes and process of elimination…