The Mario Kart Thread


Oh i know it is I have been reading here and there so give me a MONTH then ill be ready to talk SHIt just to get my Feelings hurt:rofl:


is it better to play this game with a classic controller or to use th wii wheel? which one gives u a better advantage.



Free: Just use the Classic Controller. Wii Wheel is just a gimmick.


damn i wasted some money then…i’ll add u once buy a classic controller, i suck on these wii wheels.


^ Yeah everybody with the Wii Wheel or the lulzy gold variant tends to suck ass online.


japanese people are sick on the wheel they win a lot of matches


And this surprises you?


not really lol


im going to buy a super famicom controller for the wii, cuz i like playing mario kart on old school super nintendo controller.


Classic Controller FTW


im gonna get this controller [ATTACH]47919[/ATTACH]


So how laggy is the online for this?

I’m thinking of picking it up, but knowing how shitty in general and also laggy, the online for Brawl is I’m skeptical about picking it up, since online is going to be my only real source of competition. : /


its not laggy at all.


Online play is silky smooth. Only wierd things I see are people that warp all over the place sometimes during a race…lag?


i play with just the wiimote only and its really fun. i didn’t know you could use a classic controller so i guess ill try that out now.


Alright, well I might go out and pick this up later today then. I need some more Wii games, I’m getting sick of Brawl and golf is pretty gay.


I just moved in with some roomies that played.

i showed them that chart and they thought it was awesome, good job srk!

i went from a dry bones super blooper fan to funky and the bowser bike. life got so much more winninger.


thats all good and dandy but we all know that daisy is that hot fire.


Yeah I recently started using “small” characters.(Dry Bones, Baby Daisy) on the Bullet Bike and Magikruiser and they are fucking FAST, but they get knocked around like ragdolls.


ALWAYS slide into contact on a bike, it gives you a bigger advantage than normal contact.