The Mario Kart Thread


^ Dude Rosalina was a BITCH to get at first.


getting star grades in 150cc is a bitch. Almost every time I finish a track, I get hit by a blue shell at the least. Sometimes it’s blue shell then red shell. And everybody passes me up. Me = frustrated.


I still LOL@3-Star people online that suck BALLS. I may fuck around and get a 2-Star thingy by my name to intimidate people :rofl:


yeah i haven’t tried to get the star rating on 150 cc but i could just tell by my first time playing passing the level it’s going to be tough. i got alot of low rankings like D and E right when you get to the finish line something will always end up fucking you up and u finish almost last…guess u just have to get lucky some games and pray a shell or pow doesn’t destroy you.

oh yeah, anyone do that shortcut i saw on youtube for the lava level? where you just go around a big rock 3 times and finish the course in like 20 seconds.


Sometimes I think the game thinks of new and more fucked up ways to screw you over. Be prepared, I’m going to bitch…

I was at Grumble Volcano and a green shell pretty much out of nowhere (I didn’t even hear any noise) hits me as I’m about to jump off a little ramp. The timing of the shell was so amazing. Instead of stopping before the jump or having my momentum carry me to the other platform, I roll into the lava. As I get back onto the track and do the jump over again, somebody used lightning and I FALL INTO THE LAVA AGAIN.

I guess part of the game is seeing how ridiculous some of the things are. Like the computer POWing you right after you get inked so you can’t see the POW floating over your head. WTF is that shit?


Thats the WORST EVER


My Wii code is on page 6 if anyone adds me let me know so i can add them

shadowace what’s your number?

arcadefire i added you


^-You’re added. My code appears 8 posts up.


srk mario kart clan?


thanks shin


I’m gonna add you folks if thats cool…

Arcade Fire: 4940-6051-3758
The Epidemic: 4432-7012-2564
amandainnswooo: 0688-6127-9587
ReXXXSoprano: 0774-4637-5515
final_cut: 4854-6930-8798
XenoKaze: 4682-9080-8893
Shin Sheng Long: 4253-3872-0435

…add me, I’m scrubtastic

I’m always **Yoshi on the Dolphin **


^-You’re also added. You’ll probably laugh when you see who I use now. Then cry when you realize everyone in the room is rank 9800 or higher. I’ve been getting a lot of those lately. Most intense matches of Mario Kart ever!

About 6p.m. PDT on is when I play now.



I guess I’ll add a few of yaz. Oh yeah and I finally encountered hacked peoples that can spam items X[


Haven’t been on in a while, but I did spend a minute adding people who I didn’t yet. I’ll see you peoples on line.

0774-4637-5515 -Friend Code
Just in case you forgot.


you serious? Why can’t people just play the damn game online with others the way it’s supposed to be played?


No bullshit. It was two different people in different rooms. Once the race started like EVERYBODY got hit with a Spiny Shell, I don’t even think the hacking guy won to boot XD People would just wait for him to get into first and just OBLITERATE him with Red Shells(There was only 6 of us). The 2nd time the guy gave himself a Cloud from the get-go and fucked up EVERYBODY except me cause I managed to escape the chaos and gain SOME kind of lead before I was raped by Spiny shells, this guy could LITERALLY just give himself invincibility…gay I know =/ His name was TRYANDHITME! I forgot what the other guy’s name was…gay shit tho =[

I gained my ranking back after all that bullshit 9820 bitches!


Added, “The Epidemic” is the only one that didn’t go through.

So now do I also have to add the Friend code or is the Kart code enough?


Sup guys its been a hot min but am looking to get back into the mix. If you haven’t posted your game code on my mk code thread plz do and I update the list afew mins ago see you guys on line peace.


whats up with these glitches everyones raving about?