The Mario Kart Thread


What’s your Mii’s name? I don’t think you added me.


Standstill Mini-Turbo =/= Near Instant Recovery from being hit by Bullets/Shells/Stars etc.


ShinBlanka :looney::looney::looney::wonder::wonder::confused::rofl::rolleyes:

What’s your mk code again?


Well then, it must be either be someone trying to be slick with a hack or lag…

No one wants to add me? :arazz:


lag. lol


Quick question how does the online point system work for races. I have noticed continually that some time I get 3rd or 4th as few example and yet I get more point than the person that won the race. I have also noticed sometimes when I rank towards the bottom of the group I still get decent positive points still when I expected to lose 50 or 60 points plus, if I get 7th one race and gain 10 to 30 points compared to the previous race where I would lose 30 or more points for getting that same position in that race. Does it have anything to do with my racing points I have about 6150 points just to let you guys know.


It depends on how many points you have and how many points everyone else that you’re racing has. If you are racing against an entire group of people with a shit load of more points than you, getting 5th, 6th, or 7th will still get you + points.


That point system is gay. I can come in 3rd and get like -35 points WTF


lol yeah…I stopped caring a long time ago :rofl:

I don’t race seriously anymore, I just use random gimp vehicles mostly. I don’t even care if I win lol


I just won a tourney in this Yesterday lol… kinda lame that the prize was a wii and another controller (considering i don’t need either one) but still pretty fun.

Are you any good poser?


Yeah, I consider myself pretty good. 3 stars and 98xx VR if it matters. What kind of tourney was it where they give actual prizes??


No one is posting in the other thread.

0559-9679-2877 add me please!

I’m looking forward to getting my ass kicked by you pros D:



1075 4141 8196


Cool, same.


3308 5408 0615 is my code.

I don’t think you added me yet. That’s why I asked about your mii’s name. Go ahead and add me. I’ll be online today or tomorrow.


Gouki7 has appeared on my roster, Poser has not. I usually check if people are playing at about 5:30 to 6:30p.m. PST, then never play because nobody is ever on. Probably explains why I’ve never played people like ArcadeFire…right?


I hadn’t added you before. But I’m usually on often, will probably be on around that 5:30-6:30 time slot tomorrow.


Hey I’m ALWAYS on I probably just never added you


I would have loved to have actually played you today kazamamaster and Poser, but you seriously need to choose rooms without cheaters. Getting hit by stuff like multiple blue shells (at the same time) then 4 red shells (again, at the same time) or watching someone keep significantly gaining on me, while we’re both using the same bike and not being hit, means I disconnect (keeping or gaining points) and either just watch the races to find out who it is or go elsewhere. Why would you ever put up with this shit?


You sure they were cheaters in my room? I was playing in that same room for some 45 minutes and I didn’t notice any cheating, won most matches…