The Mario Kart Thread


I didn’t notice any cheaters either. I suspected someone might have, but I couldn’t prove it. I’ll be on for a little while tonight, around 6PM eastern.


Nintendo needs to fix the bullshit drop=penalty system so that I don’t lose half my score when a random disconnect happens.


I don’t mind, I like reaching 9999 over and over again :smiley:


I use to have this game and i was big on it until ppl started hacking into the system so i ended up selling it. It had potential to be a great MK game but now that title stays with Mario Kart 64 as the best kart!
Seriously the game is ruined to hell and because nintendo are a bunch of lazy azz bastards that dont properly test they’re games. This is coming from a long time fan of the series but because of pathetic hackers that cant win normally the game deserves to be dropped in the arizona desert along with ET! lol


Me either but it’s a pain in the ass.

About cheaters: Just go into “Worldwide” matchmaking instead of “Regional” I’ve encountered EVERY hacker in Regional(One of them three times in fact) so I just stick to that one. Even though it’s fun when you beat them at their own game sometimes XD

Adds random people Wait some of you assholes needa add me =/


Good games to you tonight ArcadeFire and joining the room later, Poser :tup:


^ Yeah I kept getting raped by items and shit+a random disconnect GG’s


Hopefully next time I play you Shin I won’t be as terrible as I was earlier today. Good games Shin and ArcadeFire.


So after that marathon of playing I have a score of 9075. Seriously people in karts piss me off since they can just TAP you and send you FLYING and you can be Bowser and get hit by Baby Daisy and get fucked.

I seriously hate the fucking Cancer Cloud…GG’s Poser you’re style of play made me laugh. Until then Waluigi out


Imagine how I feel about karts, using one of the lightest characters in the game. Kind of stupid that the babies are heavier than DB/Toad/ette/Koopa. But what’s my style of play? :looney:


Can we organize an SRK room this Friday night? Who’s down?


You need to man up dude! I play Karts only. Why? Because Bikes are cheap and take no skill to play with. :mad:

I take pleasure in knocking bikes off a level or knocking bikes off wheelies.


I like bikes and karts. Cars sucks, but karts and baby buggies are great!


I would prefer Bowser on the Wario bike that way cars have a hard time knocking him of unless they are a heavy car even if they do, bowser still holds his ground. I also knock off lightweight that use lightweight bikes and potentially bully my way to better positions if I need to. I can even maneuver the bike around Rainbow Road easily as well, It happens to be my favorite course by the way it is the only course I can get 1st place in at all.


I’d use the Wario Bike more often but it’s just so damn slow…I prefer the Piranha Prowler for bullying.

Prowler + Wario’s Gold Mine = lol lightweights


I added you mofo xD. I’ll try to be on tonight.

What is this cheating that everyone is talking about? :confused: Didn’t know it was possible in MK.




Wow, that’s bullshit.

Good races in WorldWide btw.


Doesn’t nintendo ban people for this or have a way to track these bull shitters they make the game no fun knowing they can get away with anything while the rest of the racers suffer. I thought I was being cheated the vid showed me something I will I will never see and it is good thing I haven’t seen it yet online. Is there a hack that allows a someone to target any one specific racer with a blue shell? I recall a few times where I was never first in the race at all and suddenly I was hit by the blue shell suddenly and I wasn’t happy either. How can these cheaters feel satisfied playing the way they do seriously?


They suck at playing legit, so they result to cheating.