The Mario Kart Thread


yeah fucking cheaters piss me off…one of the reason i gave up playing pokemon for the DS is cuz people using hacked pokemon.


You didn’t add me. Just thought I’d let you know.

Who’s down on the SRK room? POst up!


I’ll be on ALL DAY BABY.

Knapstar: No and the only hack that I’ve seen is item spam and I’m pretty sure that’s the ONLY one

Poser: THAT’S the guy I was talking about! RAGE


Yeah, GGs.

I’m up for it.

I apologize about that Giant Mushroom in GV2, wasn’t going for you :lol:


I seriously lol’d at that.

“Take Me To First Place Bullet Bill!”


Damn, you guys aren’t playin around. You roll with some tough fucking comp.:rofl:


Naw we just were in the midst of some clan spamming BS or WTFever


I see. Well, anyways GGs.


^ Yes GG’s nontheless. Nice too see another player who uses somebody who isn’t Funky or Daisy. STEP YO GAME UP!!!


Haha true. I’m wondering if I should switch from bike, tired of being knocked all over the fucking place by little bitches in karts/cars lol.


LOL That vid was funny as all hell. LOL


Poser, Gouki, and Acrade Fire, you all will be added today. Make sure you add me.


Will do.


Finally got back up to 9999. FUCK YEAR


Double Post

So scratch that 9999 rank…I joined my friend in a room fulla 9000+ people and had some EPIC races.

So according to a handy chart I found on the Mario Wiki characters with useless bonuses are:

-Baby Mario
-King Boo

Also the Flame Runner has shitty handling too according to this chart LMAO


It has crappy handling, good drift.


Back at 9999 again wheeehooo


i got hit by my own blue shell… funny.

and im rank 8,000 and 1 star rank, oh yeah im bad. LOL i don’t know how some people can get 3 star rank, shit is hard.


I gave up after gaining two star rank. Three stars is nigh impossible.


I think 3 stars are very possible. I have 2 stars on all the courses and 3 on most of them. Now that you guys mention it, I’m gonna go back and get 3 stars because I’m sick of playing with cheaters online. The game gets to be boring when you don’t have people playing fairly and half the time you play the game, you’re keeping an eye out for who’s cheating.