The Mario Kart Thread


Getting three stars was kind of easy for me. Just long and boring. And getting them on 50cc and 100cc were much harder than 150cc and Mirror.

Edit: kazamamaster, you haven’t appeared on my friend list yet.


Are you sure man? I noticed a bunch of new Mii’s on my FL when I played around Thanksgiving. My Mii name is Bree. I’m pretty sure I added you. Then again I added a ton of people from SRK who haven’t added me yet. What’s your MK code again so I verify and post up if I didn’t add you?

Edit: I found your code. I’m 80% sure you’ve been added already. I know for a fact Shin Blanka has NOT added me yet.


Yup, looking at your ? on the tv right now. 3308 5408 0615, right?


LOL. :rofl:

I’ll definitely add you as soon as I get home today. I was pretty sure I added you since you made a comment about playing with me. Look through the messages here! It was on 11-18…

Edit: Nevermind…Maybe we someone else played us separately? I’ll just add you when I’m home from work.


Check your FL again. I was right the first time. I added you a while ago, and you just added me. You appeared on FL last weekend…


Going for three stars. Wheee


I have achived three star rank. Time to go online and scare n00bs.


I eat 3 star ranked people for breakfast.:smokin: using automatic… i am not use to using manual yet.


They must either suck balls or be using the wii wheel.


Automatic’s not that bad lol

I use automatic and have been sitting at 9999 forever, even when I use a kart. It’s not hard but I have been using auto since day one >_>


See arcade fire…automatics can win against manuals.


^ Yea I hear ya lol


Automatic is only at a disadvantage on tracks where a manual user can crank out lots of Miniturbos in a short amount of time, such as SNES Mario Circuit 3 or other curvy tracks. If you choose to use a kart you lose the big advantage of orange MTs but you gain in the handling area so you can take corners much closer to the inside than a manual kart would.


Hey Poser


I think I had a chance to play you this weekend. Good games. We didn’t race too long, but you won a few, I came in second ( I play Karts only). Pick a kart next time, or maybe I’ll pick a bike. The races will be a heck of a lot closer.


That last face got me :rofl:

I’ll pick a kart, although I expect I’ll be losing a few hundred points lol.


You all needa be on more. Playing random people over Wi-fi gets boring there’s always like 2-3 Daisys/Funkys in any given room.


No need to be afraid to lose points right? Just have fun. I think in one of our races, I came in dead last lol. My points are usually around 7800 or so, since I play with a sucky Kart. (Jetsetter)

Have you added me?


I believe so. I haven’t been on cause of work and cause I have 9999 rank lol


that is too good…lol…the next Mario Kart should have a combo count for when you’re getting bullshitted multiple times.