The Mario Kart Thread


Yeah items get stupid sometimes, but the game is a blast if you don’t take it seriously and are just goofing around with friends.


I batter this game online with my girlfriend (shes actually better than me). I just hate the stupid longass code you have to use for every game. Even just one code would have been ok but different codes for each games? Doh. I would post mine but im not on wii and cant be bothered to get it


hello all


I have played manual for a while and I did a good job and now that I tried automatic cars, I think I will stick with them permanently. The only time I ranked bad was in places like moonlight highway or other places with alot of obstacles. I miss the turbos to get around turns in Rainbow Road but the speed I get from the straightaways can’t be beat.

How do I get stars away way I have noticed that many racers with fewer points than me (I have about 7000 now) have at least 1 star and I don’t have any. Am I doing something wrong here?


Stars are earned in the single-player GPs. For example, to earn 1 star, you must have at least a 1 star rank on all Cups in GP.


Man, who still plays this online?


my attempts to organize people into the irc room I see aren’t doing so well…I’m playing everything I can online. Which is why I was trying to get more people to join the Irc rooms. You can also join in #srkgd discussion and #capcom in there while you’re waiting for others to show up.


I still play often. Allosaurus and kazamamaster, did you guys delete me?


I might have deleted you because you didn’t add me…otherwise I should be on your FL. What is your code again? I’ll check again…

Again, my Mii’s name is Bree. Go home and check it!


I play this quite often if anyone is down for some games let me know and I will pm you codes or whatever.

@ Sonic I tired using IRC but it lags horribly bad for me, otherwise I would be down to go in there.:bluu:


that sucks…I use chatzilla through firefox and that works just fine for me. I’d actually suggest using chatzilla over anything else IRC IMO


Never tried Chatzilla hook me up with some links and I can see how it works.


Where’s your FC? Add me. I’m down for games even though I’ve been playing a ton of World at War…


0001 7917 8713 add me whoever wants to play, I will get you back.


I’ll add you tonight. When do you normally play?


Actually I dont have a set time. Usually when Im not chillin with any friends I pop that bad boy in there.


We should do weekly 2v2’s tourneys. 2v2 is mad fun.


I’ll be adding you when I get off work.

We should, but sadly I don’t think many SRK’ers play this much anymore :sad:


Hmm, 2 months since the last post… anyone still playing mario kart online? I still go back to it whenever SFIV gets too frustrating. For me blue shells aren’t as bad as flaming shoryukens…

2v2 sounds like a lot of fun, if it’s what I think it is…

I always play with my gf as a guest and teammate. She deals damage and runs interference while I build a big enough lead to take two blue shells without getting passed.


mario kart is cool