The Mario Kart Thread


I still play Kart often. If anyone wants to play PM me.


i’m only a fan of double dash and mario kart ds
the wii one is CRAZY hard


I got it a couple weeks ago, its mad fun. My main issue is I can’t play the last race on the 4th cup b/c my wii says it can’t read the disc. I don’t get it b/c the disc is in perfect condition.


Snes and N64 mario Kart 4 me thx :tup:


i play anyone today


Are the hackers still running amuck online?


I’m sure they are. I’ve stopped playing MKWii altogether for this reason, however, if you guys want to play let me know. I’m down for a non-cheating SRK room if you guys are. I’ll host. Let me know!


yeah i’ve never seen hackers before…i stopped playing 4 months ago and last week i went on to play with my sister and some guys was using all the items right from the start…and always had a star, funny thing is i still won the race…so yeah hackers are still there and maybe more than ever cuz i never noticed it before.


Need Some Friend Codes Mines Is 5456-0204-9824


I Need Some Challengers >__>


Can we organize an all SRK Mario Kart room soon? Is anyone interested?


yealol iam in for one :slight_smile:


This please. I have been wanting to play again. I’ll post my FC later.


really? people play mario kart still?

I’m down, lets do it! Today if possible.

My friend code = 0860-4239-4286


I’ll ask my bro if I can borrow his Wii.
I don’t have one anymore… =[


Yay more people in this conversation :slight_smile:


wow…I don’t want to pull an Alex Valle, but even in MK Wii, so much better among 4 players in person. I do wish the Wii could pull off better fps but I can live with it for the sake of competition.


Maybe off topic, but do you guys even bother with the Wii Wheel? I always use the GC controller.


More people in the conversation I see. I can host a room Sunday afternoon. Does that or Friday night work for most people? I’m in the eastern time zone, so I’m thinking 6PM eastern on Friday or 5PM easter Sunday. Post up FC’s now. State which date works. Add me as well. Kaz 3308 5408 0615


Im Down to play Sunday afternoon or Friday Night.