The Mario Kart Thread


every fucking day I say I’m going to play mario kart and every fucking day I go home and play goddamned street fighter 4. I hate myself and this crippling addiction

I’ll play both sunday afternoon and friday night… but like 3 hours later so I can get home from work on friday…


You’re on west coast time? 3 hours behind me or is it 4? I can do Friday at the aforementioned time. If I play Friday, to accomodate you, we’re looking at playing after 10PM eastern right? However, Sunday works best for me as we would have more time to play…

Post up times that work people!

Let’s revive the Mario Kart thread on SRK.


Added a whole list of people from SRK and only one person was active the last time I was on.
My bro is lending me his wii tomorrow… I’m quitting Halo for Mario Kart.

I’ll be on at around 7- 2am.
I’m in England so that’s 0.


pst is 3 hours behind est, so 9pm… 6pm PST (earliest I can play on a week night) is 9pm EST

pst is 8 hours behind GMT so thats… lol, i dunno UK guy… .:looney::looney:


i’ll race you and iam okay of time to race live in ny friday or sunday?
my fc is 5456-0204-9824
i play by classic controller :slight_smile:


Anyone interested?


Me lol u added me dude


Not yet. I’m at work now. I’ll add you when I get home.


k then


I get off work 1 hour from now… I gotta go get some food first, but after that I’m ready to play! :smiley:


Awesome Dude an what’s ure friend code dude


im home and ready to rock!

friend code = 0860-4239-4286


k then to have mines go up on the page and u will get mine fc k


Dude It says ure code is incorrect


0860-4239-4286 oops, should be 0860, not 0680 :sweat:

lol, in my defense, it was right on the last page :lol:


I see XD k then


Did Friday Night Mario Kart go down? I was at friends playing dat marvel.


Friday night MK didn’t go down, neither did yesterday, I completely forgot. Thursday night looks to be the best night for me now…


So it’s thursday then and is anyone else gonna join @__@


Got a wii now.
Can you guys post up your friend codes of those who actually play?

Mine is… 4941-3320-4339