The Mario Kart Thread


What time do you usually play?


Thursday Night it is then.


Can we make one general post of those wanting to play Thursday night?

Kazamamaster 3308 5408 0615
Daigo Jr 4941 3320 4339
Sandwichcookie 0860-4239-4286
Itachimaster666 5456-0204-9824
Damage898 0001 7917 8713

Anyone else down?

I’ll host the room. I can’t play until about 11:30PM Thursday, eastern time. Does that work for everyone?


What’s eatern time?
Minus what number?
Im not so good with time zones… =S



That time works great for me! I was on friday, but I couldn’t hook up with anyone so I was just playing online like regular…

What scores do you guys have? I hover around 8300, but lately I haven’t seen anyone online with a score over 7000. Kind of annoying to win only 20-30 points for 1st place, then lose points for coming placing 5th or so behind a buncha noobs because I got item raped on the last lap :frowning:


Last time I played my score was around 7900 or more. I might be around 8500. By the way, I’m letting you guys know now, I hate Bikes. I hate them with a passion. Please keep the bike playing to a minimum…

If you couldn’t tell, I only use karts. Bikes are cheap and I think it takes more skill to use a kart. If I used a bike, I swear it wouldn’t be fair.


I’m glad I’m not the only one.


Kaza that time is great for me, Hopefully I’m reading things right.
My points used to be in the 7000’s but since I got this wii my points are just above 6000.
kazamamaster, I don’t understand how you have so much points just buy using karts. I can’t seem to win without using a bike.

EDIT: Kazamamaster 3308 5408 0615
Sandwichcookie 0860-4239-4286
Itachimaster666 5456-0204-9824

Okay, I got you guys down.


I like Karts too, but I think bikes take more skill… You gotta wheelie to really go fast, but you can’t turn while youre doing it so… I dunno, that shit was too hard for me, so I stuck with the karts. Also, if I see you trying to wheelie pass me on a bike, I’m going to bump you.

I use the sprinter, best kart in the game imo… It feels like cheating when I’m just driving passed people on straightaways without even having to draft. (draught?)


What character do you use?
and I should use the back view button more often, I always get bumped when I wheelie.
I should go back to karts, I don’t like how bikes are so much better.


0001 7917 8713=FC

Put me on the list for Thursday.


Daigo, what time zone are you in? I can look it up and find out what time it will be on your end when we start.

Honestly, I’ve honed my skills using a kart. I’ve played a ton of Mario Kart in my day, and that’s all I’m used to using lol. I use Dry Bowser in the Aero Glider kart. It’s hands down the fastest kart IMO on a straightaway. The downside is the handling is pure trash. My philosophy is that I constantly use the Look Back button and I ram anyone on a bike EVERY CHANCE I get, even if they don’t wheelie. I also avoid getting hit as much as possible. There are some courses which that kart sucks on big time, but I’d say 7/10 times I normally finish top 3 allowing my total to be so high.

I also think that you have to make every item weapon count—my hit to being hit ratio is just about even — or I’ve hit more than I’ve been hit.

The biggest thing of MKwii is just not falling behind. If you fall behind too far in a race and then have to play catch up in a kart, you’ll lose most of the time…

I’ve added you to the list.

I’ll add everyone tonight or tomorrow if I have a minute.


I use Toad with the standard kart. I’m around 8000 points I think. I’ll post my Wii code shortly.


Hey Can I have all of ya friend codes except kazamaster i have his i need everyone else
and also when is the day for the race people

ps my code is - 5456-0204-9824
and also i play mii and my score is around 9000


Tonight, 11:30pm eastern time.


i’ll try to get on at that time ^^]

ps still need other friendcodes from others


Kazamamaster 3308 5408 0615
Daigo Jr 4941 3320 4339
Sandwichcookie 0860-4239-4286
Itachimaster666 5456-0204-9824
Damage898 0001 7917 8713


Thankies ^___^Missy or Mister XD
whats ure rank init


Haven’t played in a while…I don’t use bikes, but I was around 7900-8500 last time I played.