The Mario Kart Thread


I’m at Zero kazamaster.

EDIT: Since you ain’t played in a while that could be good for me…


Dude, did you actually look at the time zones in that converter? Do you know for sure which time zone you’re in? Are you GMT 0?

If so, you’re 4 hours ahead of Eastern time zone. Which means 3:30am your time is when we’re playing. Please look up which zone you’re in…


Oh jesus… I cmpletely miscalculated.
I did use the converter, Just human error… Sorry dawg.


lol XD lmaoXD


Too bad lol. Let me know next time when you can play.

Everyone else is good right? 11:30 p.m


All good here.


Im hopping online now. Adding everyone in 2 minutes


LoL system update.

Guess its been a while.


My batteries are dead ; _ ;


excuses excuses… anyway ggs damage!


Yep GGs we were beasting on that room for a good while.:tup:


Hey guys
Sorry I didn’t participated I was sleepy alot lol
N when are we going to have another match


eh dude when are we going to have another match


When is anyone other than Damage not going to stand us up?

Anyways, we can try again for Friday? Let’s make it earlier than 11:30pm. Say 10pm maybe? Post up!


Good for me if anything changes will let you know.


k then friday sounds good ^___^


Only Itachi/Damage down for Friday in addition to me?


I’ll try and stay awake, end of school term so I should be going sleep at like 5 am over here.


awesome lol
so its a friday then


Three is better than none I suppose.