The Mario Kart Thread


u got a point there lol


We’ll have fun regardless. People don’t stand me up again. I have a low tolerance for that. Looking for Daigo Jr tonight as well.


Okay then it’s settled then I think xD


Don’t disappoint me Itachi…

Update, I’ll be there, just a little later after 10, I have a gig tonight that ends at 9, so I should be home just after 10…


Kazamaster iam sorry but I can’t contend apparently me and my fam are going to be at my cousins party won’t be back home by 2am iam being honest dudes
And ian sorry so yea I hope ya understand


Any tips on staying up Hella late?


Logging on in a few with friend. SDK.


Im late!!! my gig ended later than i expected. getting on now


GGs Kazama Logging early going out of town tomorrow.


Sorry guys… >.<
I woke up an hour late… anyone still playing?
I’ve lost my mk, My nephews are up to this!


sorry dudes i didnt attended i got home 4:30 am
longer than what i expected


GGs sir. We’ll play again soon hopefully. I’ve got to start playing more, I suck lol. I only finished 1st twice.


Yeah just let me know when you want to play again and I will see if I can make it.:tup:


when are ya going to have another race iam interested in racing depending on the time lol XD


Ask Damage…I’m game normally whenever he is since he tends not to stand me up. :rolleyes:


so todays a good race O_o



Man, I haven’t played this game for five months. I really need to get myself a wii.


wow lol sxD


Funky Kong is top tier.


But Funky sucks.