The Mario Kart Thread


What? He’s the fastest character in the game by far. Would you like to prove that theory of yours maybe in a 1 on 1?


You guys on tomorrow?
I’ll try to stay awake… I finally found the disk.


Funky’s the fastest, but I despise people using bikes and top tier characters. Either way, I don’t really have much respect when people use bikes/top tiers in this game anyways. It’s already unbalanced.

I’ll test the theory in a 1 vs 1 only if you’re racing in a kart.


I hardly play this game anymore.

I’ll get on if we can get an SRK room going. But that involves people actually showing up. You know how you guys do. Talk trash, schedule times, and then never play.


I actually prefer karts. Funkey + Honeycoupe FTW.


same here my disk is screwed up


I can never stay up late enough for you guys, time zones are killing me.:sweat:


I play at random times on random days.

I’m usually Rosalina with Flame Runner, but for now I choose Mario or Peach with the Mach Bike.

So if you see a ‘MGF’ then try to destroy him.


Dry Bones- Bullet Bike FTW


This game half pisses me off. I know you can get very much ahead with skills (Mini-boosting, staying close to the turn as possible, doing tricks off of ramps, wheelies, etc…) but it seems like a good portion of the game is based on items a little too much. Example: I was in first place and I forgot what level I was on, however, I was hopping over a gap that I was 100% about to make and was on the last lap very much ahead of everyone. The next thing I know, someone uses the thunder item midjump, I turn small in the sky which wasted time, I fall into the gap because I stop moving since the thunder hit me, I see 7 guys pass me up because of how much time it took for me to get back up and by the time I was ready to go again, they were already at the finish line by the time I fully recovered and I was pretty much screwed. I mean, had it been the second lap, I could have recovered easily, but it was the last lap and we were near the finish line, mid jump (I HAD to make the jump no matter what) and some lucky idiot in the back who didn’t even see me from so far away decided to use it at the worst possible time for me.


That basically happens to me so much it gets on my last nerve and more often than not it happens on the last lap when I am in position to get a decent position. Most of the time it happens as I am about to cross the finish line allowing for no recovery time at all. The only time it doesn’t happen is on Rainbow Road when most of the annoying people are so far behind me that most of those items are useless except for shrinking lightning bolts and blue shells. I haven’t played much as of late but when I do the same late hitting items always nailing me get on my last nerve towards the end of just about every race.


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I’m always up for some games.



Double post nonsense, they need to fix that.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we need to do some private room SRK games.


^^I’m up for it.


been gone for a minute but i bought another wii and will be getting this game again… who ready to get smashed by daisy? =)


Wow someone revived this thread.
Im already retired but I guess I can come back for a few games and lesson you a thing or two in mkwii.
Funky Fukyn Kong / Flame Runner FTW!


i think mario kart is nothing but luck game. skill plays only a little part in mk, but if u want to win in mario kart, then u must have a good luck pendant to win.


Thats why I retired only after 2 months of hardcore play. Even though skilled players win most of the time, there are times when you just get raped by not having luck in your favor, and noobs ( scrubs ) can beat you.


Haven’t played it yet, but aside from being extremely cute, what advantages does Baby Daisy have over the rest of the cast?