The Mario Kart Thread


None. I think characters really pose no advantage in this game, it’s really about the vehicle you pick. Heck, I use Dry Bowser in the Aero Glider.

So, who’s down to play sometime soon? I haven’t played this game in ages…


Wheres all the badasses at?

Cant let these kids run shit online.


nah characters have their own special advantages hence daisy and fk raping the time trials like they did before the glitches


Time Trials.

Join us when you’re ready.


Glitches ? What glitches?


4 tracks are glitched. BC, WGM, MG, and GV.

He may be talking about hackers though.


Glitched in what way though?

Man, glitchers and hackers. The reason why I don’t play wii much these days…


They have shortcuts that are considered glitches because they either lap skip, lakitu trick, or go through walls.

Here is my 9th NA Regional using WGM glitch: [media=youtube]59XL92A0iUI[/media]

BC Former WR: [media=youtube]JFz6fnguIcA&feature=related[/media] (Glitch at :40)

GV Former WR: [media=youtube]PopNWnHugOA&feature=related[/media]

MG Former WR: [media=youtube]qoC8Hj2KODY[/media]

  1. Characters do matter.

  2. Dry Bowser is a good character. That may be why you hadn’t noticed.


this game sucks because everyone uses hacks now and days…i know for a fact that if there were no hackers i would be the mario kart king


I am waiting for my copy to arrive for the Switch. So I have just been Googling the crap out of it, and came across some horrible information that I would like people here to confirm or disprove.

I read fire and daemon hoping are out. Why on earth would Nintendo do that. I like that they have added the auto steer and auto acceleration for b beginners, but taking out two of the few things that made it competitive seems awfully silly.

I do know that they have fixed the tier system. Stoked about that. In the Wii U version if you had 1, 1.25, 1.50 or even 1.75 in a stat like acceleration for instance, they all accelerated at the same speed. Now each increment is making a difference.

I will say that luck had very little out come on the race. Especially when playing with high level players. Item pick ups are random of course. But if you know what position a certain item appears the most, you can hang there a bit until you get the drop you want. So you cut out a ton of drops you aren’t after. Which means the pick ups you want are more frequent. Which means the level of luck affecting the game is decreased.


I’m actually enjoying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch especially when it’s dock on TV.