The Marshall Law Thread

Law ftw


The mustache is back! Aw hell yeah! Law is awesome. Can’t wait to use him.

With Fei not being in the game, I just found 1 of my mains.

Same here!,hopefully lee chaolan is in the game.

That stache makes him stand out more than Fei

So glad my favorite Bruce Lee character is in.

bigger version of the Law Art + the marshall law render @OP

I like the cross art

'Tis a shame Fei couldn’t make it to the party, although Law would probably outshine him.

Yo the Electrifying one, intend to make a guide for Marshall Law soon too?

Damn, I expected Capcom to laze out on this one and just clone Fei completely. But when you look at him, you know it’s Law. The face seems completely new and nicely defined (lol at the vs screen).

Since I always liked Fei but hated his rekkas, got my hopes up with Law. Guess it’s time to train my lungs. HAYAA~!

This March SF fans will find out who the best Bruce Lee clone is.

Yeah I will do- I main Law with Paul or Juri and I think Law may be the best in the game. I just need to make sure I can discuss details because I really dont want to get in trouble for posting 60% combos and detailing moves before they’ve been revealed or whatever…

I will say a bit about his specials-

QCF+P- a gut punch that goes into an auto combo of HHS-style blur of fists. combos off crouching strong or forward, and can be combo’d out of! The punch can hit anti-air but if it does it just launches (VERY high) and you don’t get the auto combo. jab punch ends with them being launched up and you can follow up with a normal/special/super. strong goes into ground bounce, and this is easier to follow up. Fierce throws them against the opposite wall- can’t be followed up, fairly useless. I use sQCF+strong after every ground based hit confirm I can. It’s free damage added to your combo. EX version wall bounces but what’s the point when you can ground bounce for free?

QCF+K- flip kicks. They aren’t like Guiles as they don’t have the invincibility or hit boxes/priority to use as anti-air on reaction. Like most Tekken anti air in this game you have to hit this meaty. It’s better used for free pressure and combos cos they are largely safe on block and juggle! You can do a second one as well for a simple combo like c+strong, QCF+K, QCF+K but it is better to do just one then hit c+strong into another on their way down. In the corner you can do c+strong xx QCF+RH three times for meter free damage, and the same works as a block string- you can really kill them in the corner just doing crouch strong or forward kick into RH flip kicks (these move you forward a bit, mid kick is neutral, short kick move you BACK like jean in Karnovs!) EX kick is his hold u/f +4 from tekken where he properly flips high, land on his back

Oh no China is gonna rule once a again in a sf game

This move is the reason why Law is a terrible tribute to Bruce Lee.

I hope Fei Long will be DLC.

Well, if you’re allowed, I’d love to hear some more about Paul.

@The Electrifying One

Are you playing one with a full roster? Because maybe some of the yet-to-be revealed characters could change your opinion on Law’s strength in the game. But if you are, then…damn! Guess I need to prepare for people calling me a tier-whore for once lol.

It was used in a bruce lee movie,game of death,though i forget if it was his replacement or him who did it.