The Marshall Law Thread

Yes - as counter move when his opponent caught his leg. It’s in no way a move that should be used for offense because that’d be completely ineffective (and Bruce Lee’s fighting style was all about being effective). It being a spammable special move is a bad move for a Bruce Lee clone/tribute character.

It would be great if it was solely a counter move (like Paul’s counter in Tekken).

Ya and bruce had to use a trampoline for his famous flying kick, and he openly said it would be useless in real life, but he did it for style and the fans. But in video games there is no need for trampolines or someone to be holding your leg. Fei long’s flaming anti air kick was never done by him, yet laws most outlandish move at least references something. That said i like both characters.

man Fei Long and Law on the same team #godlike

but I wish it was Forest Law

Damn… After that description, I wanna play as Law too now! So many characters to choose from! :frowning:

In Law’s super when he does that flurry of kicks in the opponents face is that a tribute to something or just Capcom making this game goofier and goofier?

Yeah but it fits perfectly in the context of Street Fighter. Fei Long isn’t only a tribute to Bruce Lee but he’s also kind of the Chinese version of Ryu (Ryu = Dragon, Long = Dragon).
It’s about the rivalry between Japan and China, Karate and Kung Fu.
The Karateka Ryu has this powerful dragon punch. In order to compete with that they had to give Kung Fu master Fei Long something similar - a “dragon kick” was the perfect choice.

His main special, the Rekkas, are very powerful, straightforward and effective. Very bruceleey.

Law may have more moves from Bruce Lee movies but Fei Long’s fighting style fits Bruce Lee’s fighting philosophy much better in the context of a fighting video game.

It’s Capcom being goofy and also giving Sessler a chance to say <insert player> with a flurry… A FLURRY OF KICKS!!! @ Evo.

[LEFT]Law performing his Super Art and Cross Art in Street Fighter X Tekken![/LEFT]


That may be, just saying having those movie moves does not make law a bad bruce lee tribute,just a different one.

After watching the Gameinformer videos, Law looks really fun to play as. And fast too! The only thing is that whoever was playing him kept on spamming the same move (presumably his QCF+ P move).

Law’s always been my favorite Tekken character, so I’m glad he seems just as fun to play as in this one. Can’t wait to finally main a Bruce Lee clone in a SF game.

Hey, my favorite characters to play are rekka characters. I don’t know much about tekken but does Law have any rekka style moves that you think would be in SFxT? I know Rolento has a rekka style move. Does anyone know of any other characters in this game who will most likely have rekkas?

Just Poison and Rolento atm AFAIK.

Law does have a ‘‘Rekka’’ looking move in Tekken 6. 0:29-0:31, It’s a punch, punch, kick rekka. I think he will have this string in SFxT too.

Lili, Asuka, Bob, Julia, and Nina have them too. No movelists for Xiaoyu yet, but it’s looking like her Fortune Cookie move is also a rekka. It’s a good chance Law will have one too, I think, given the track record with the Tekken characters in this game.

Wow, didn’t realize that many characters could have rekkas. I like fei long style rekkas where they can be attacks on their own rather than yang style rekkas where their shorter range limits this. Here’s hoping that Law fits that bill.

Law with that stache looks great, and is definitely going to be a great alternative to Fei, if he does not appear that is. However, I am still crossing my fingers for a Fei announcement sooner than later. At any rate, I personally like the flurry of kicks as it adds a certain element of fun and don’t think it really is all that goofy.
Hype level for this game has increased significantly :slight_smile:

what game informer video?

Law doesn’t have rekkas, and I wouldn’t say most of the characters Denshu mentions either have rekkas. Nina certainly doesn’t. Asuka, Lili, Ling and Julia have moves with command follow ups (like qcf+p, k) which kind of look like rekkas but strictly aren’t.

Cole has a true Rekka iirc, HCB+P.

The closest Law has to rekka is…

HCB+P, he goes into a pose that looks like Fei Longs ST win pose where he looks like he’s having sex with thin air. If you EX you get 1 hit of armour! From this pose if you press punch you get various punches that in theory can be used as anti air or like rekkas. They may be safe in certain combinations, like maybe jab, strong. You get two punches then they are knocked away, does very good damage and if you are quick you can combo off c.fierce, but he has much better combo tools.

The real reason to use this special is for the KICK follow up. You get a 90% full screen flying kick that moves as fast as a fierce blanka ball, goes THROUGH fireballs, is TOTALLY SAFE if spaced right, and has hurt boxes positioned in such a way that they are behind a FAT hit box- what this means is that a shoryu will often get stuffed by this move as the invincibility doesn’t last long enough to get through all Law’s outstretched flying leg of death and get to his hurt box.

Seriously this move is so good people get angry at Law and how good it is It means he has no problem getting in at all, ever. Combined with a couple of other moves you can apply totally safe pressure all the time and their only way out is to blow meter on alpha counters. To top it all off it does good chip and is good on meaty for oki games and cross ups!


3-hit kick combo. Guess this is fairly close to a rekka, except you get three no matter what. This is basically a tatsu with one leg staying grounded. It’s totally safe, and so fast you can combo c.short xx qcb+k This is also his best combo finisher imo as all three kicks tend to connect with the opponent in the air or the ground, and it does more than qcf+RH. Law ground pressure 101 is c.MK xx QCB+K x N so safe, so annoying, perfectly spaced for the follow up. Of course HP+HK raw launch will beat cMK but like I say, Law 101. EX does a 4th spin kick that causes a wall bounce. Again this is a good move early on but once you learn the system, juggle limits, and his other moves you realise you dont ever need to use this- any time you can combo this EX you may as well do qcf+MP for a free ground bounce. Maybe for a quick whiff punish I can see it’s use, but the value of meter for me in this game, and for Law imo is in supers and double supers.

OK that’s all 4 Law special moves… now for his command normals which are pretty much amazing. Bare in mind there are a lot and I can’t remember all the varianst and follow ups, but this is the main gist of his tools-

b+MK- his sweep that is db+4 iiirc in Tekken quite fast, quite good range and looks just like in Tekken. It’s quite good to use when walking back if you are getting bull dogged. b+HK gives you the same move, maybe the frames are different but it doesn’t seem it. Kind of strange. I don’t use this move all that often, especially as he has a decent sweep with d+RH anyway.

f+MP- overhead with a fair bit of range he moves forward and takes a big swing downwards as he leans over. This isn’t particularly fast (Juri and Steve have MUCh faster overheads) but it works well with his mex up and prolonged periods of pressure, and in situations like on their wake up or after a NJ HK. The best thing about it is you can combo out of it, into pretty much whatever! LMHH if you need a free tag, cMP if you want to hit a combo.

I do f+MP, cMP xx qcf+MP, qcf+HK, qcb+HK for a meter free BnB that does very very good damage and is also long, flashy and demoralising for the opponent. I replace the qcb+k with super or tag super if I have the meter, which can do as much as 65% on Ryu if you have the right partner. I mainly use super meter gems so I can do super as much as possible. You can also tag cancel after the last qcb+k and get in another normal xx special before the juggle limit kicks in.

jab x 5, close- his 1,1,1,1,1 string from tekken. Loads of jabs. He walks forward while he does it. This is sooooooooo good especially after a blocked cross up attempt or blocked flying kick. Like with pretty much everything else he does, it’s totally safe and just keeps them in block that bit longer. You can stop after 2 or 3 jabs and just throw them, do 5 jabs AGAIN as soon as you do 2 (or all 5) you can do them then back dash and whiff punish… NJ then overhead… seriously you could base your whole game just around mix ups off jab x 5. It’s better than most characters specials, and it’s just a normal. What makes it EVEN BETTER is his stand jab, this kind of back-hand slap, moves him forward and is blatantly plus frames. So you can stand just out of range of c.Jab and f.jab X N until he gets into range and goes into his close jab sequence. It’s like a 1 button trap cos they go from a frame trap to a true block string into whatever mix up you want. Some of the guys I play with blow all their meter on counters (t+HP+HK) just getting Law off them when he is in jab sequences.

b+MP, MP (or HK)- forward moving elbow into a punch that gives ground bounce. This is ridiculous because the 2nd punch is cancellable into any special! Oh, and did I mention the 2nd punch gives ground bounce?? Imagine if Ken’s step kick (t+MK) gave a ground bounce and was cancellable. Thats the kind of reach I’m talking about. Kick launches and I think might be safer on block, but I just use strong and cancel if blocked into qcb+k. This is a really good at midscreen approaching close, maybe if you are dancing just outside footsy range.

df+LK- Law does a kind of standing trip kick that hits low but is cancellable. It doesn’t kockdown. Fairly useless but I think maybe you could mix it up with his overhead as they have a similar step to them.

df+MK or HK- a slide. Probably closer to DeeJay cHK than Bison or Vega slides. Fairly safe if spaced right, good for tap throws but not integral to his game imo.

Overall Law just has an obscene level of safe pressure and can keep the opponenet blocking for a long time. He’s also fast and doesn’t rely on meter for damage, getting in or anything else essential, more just to extend combo damage with supers and for safe tagging. Where he is weak is low health (I think Juri and Law have the lowest health of the announced characters) and no reliable anti air, but this is a weakness pretty much EVERYONE has- jumps are good, cross ups have big hit boxes and even Tiger uppercut and shoryu aren’t failsafes against well spaced jump ins and moves with phantom hurt boxes (Juri jump HP, Paul jump MK). But to put it in context if I am being jumped on I nearly always go for an evasive move or an air to air like NJ RH or J MK rather than even attempt his ‘actual’ anti air moves (flip kicks, hcb+p,p or cHP)

Where do you get this information from? Have you played him somewhere?
Because if that info is true, Law seems pretty legit then lol.

Actually Bruce Lee has done the Flame Kick but obviously no flames were produced but as a Bruce Lee fan i find this character offensive to him.