The Martial Arts Movie Thread 2017 Donnie hates his fans

Oh, wow. Browsing Netflix and i saw they made a follow-up to that terrible Kickboxer remake. It’s (2017)Kickboxer Retaliation. It now has the guy from GoT, “The Mountain” as the villain. Nope. Don’t care.

Oh, JCVD came back for it? Darnit, i love JCVD but… i’m not sitting through this crap. These movies are disgrace to the JCVD Masterpeice anyway.

Wait, wait… is that Christopher Lambert?! No, damnit no. Nice try movie but i’m still not watching this POS.

Edit: And who was really clamoring for a sequel anyway?

I like the choreography…

I remember posting about it last year…

So predator but lame


The Coppola name must still ring bells in Hollywood.