The Marvel 3 Lab Thread: New Age of Ideas

Some people were talking about this idea in the tier thread, so I decided to just do it. In this topic you post what you’ve been doing in the lab recently, what you’ve discovered, etc. I’ll start: With Hawkeye, do his DP super at about sliding range from the enemy. Then, DHC to Vergil’s Devil Trigger. Teleport behind so that the arrows hit, then do qcb.H > (air dash optional) > j.S > whatever. Practical? Applicable to a real match? Eh, maybe. Now go!

Credit to Kef for the idea and GREEK for the title.

“or some shit”


When someone is above you, you grab them. If they are below you, you footdive. Practical? Applicable to a real match? Maybe.

I agree with the concept and title of this thread.

Instead of finding stylish and unusually timing-based Skrull combos, my lab time has been sucked up recently by learning how to play VJoe from square 2.

FYI, square 1 is learning to do (8 4PP 236L)xN

Figuring out how to re-create this glitch has been taking up my time lately.


The guy who came up with the idea for this thread must be some kind of genius!

BTW, currently messing around finding a new team. I think I had some kind of vision. I had the though of what team I should play and I randomly saw this picture online:


Viper is super fun right now, but we’ll see if she’s fun enough yo play a Viper/Zero team.

Stalking Flare COMBO extensions with the entire cast.

Learning Maziodyne’s new brainchild, Trish/Strange/Doom. Which means learning how to have a competent Strange. And I need to learn Doom in general as well.

a meterless, xfless team touch of death setup using taskmaster that can only be escaped using xf->invin air super

Have a mildly difficult setup for a magneto tempest into Zero DHC. Problem is I don’t have marvel for a day or so. So if anyone wants a challenge find the best way to combo lightning loops as a follow up. Anything that connects into an air red buster does it.


Edit: all it is is a mag combo into hyper grav, then H+assist(ryuenjin) into H hypergrav, which catches them up high. Then down up qcb after the hit into tempest. lower is better.

I know forward H timed for 6 hits into up port buster works. But it is hard and impractical. I believe the following will work best . Launch j.H and more air stuff into a QCF H. Idea is to knockdown with the dive so you can let the shadow OTG while you jump buster and loop. mid air down H may just work with the shadow to link a dive move. Another possiblility is to use kara S into special move to get something . usually S Buster is the only practical move, but maybe you can kara dive.

This particular followup is to watch the hypergrav hit then immediate down up qcb tempest. An easier but more finicky for zero is to do the first hypergrav holding up forward while it hits then time a H while calling zero, Dash up a fraction then hypergrav L. Catches them after ryuenjin a little high in the air, but lets you tempest and barely catch them with Zero’s launcher before they fall out.

If you are not a mags player and just want to setup the height just do H+assist(zero ryuenjin) fly S land jump H Hypergrav L. Will catch them after ryuenjin since hit stun scaling is low. the combo plus tempest should eat up enough scaling to make most zero followups fail.

If anyone does take time to look at this thanks! I will be able to test it out in a day or so anyway so don’t feel bad if you skip this.
Posted in the Zero boards as well but seems to fit the tone of this thread…

I’ve been working on a lot of characters on my Vita. Most recently, I’ve been messing around with She-Hulk and Jill stance cancel combos, and just some assisted Nova combos in general.

I think She-Hulk has a lot of undiscovered potential. Just cancel everything into her stance, and then cancel the stance. Free cancels, yuy! Now mix with all her different moves. Torpedo hitconfirming into jump series combos? Sure. Clothesline cancel into slide feint into command grab? Sweet. A use for Street Light? HELL YES!

Same thing with Jill, you can cancel everything into everything pretty much. You can practically do Mad Beast combos outside of Mad Beast with all the stuff you can cancel into stance, and cancel right back out. Jill is a secret S-Tier, I tell you. But you know what? She deserves it. If anyone can play her to half of her potential, they deserve to win majors.

Also, found a potential guard break with Sentinel backed by Nova overhead assist. Basically in the corner after a kill, you call drones H, dash or wavedash while calling Nova, and cr.M. It’s funny because they always said cr.M was unblockable online, but maybe now it’s unblockable offline too?

I’m still finishing my Nova/Frank/RR tech to kill the point character and level up Frank at the same time. Did some field testing at a gathering today and the results were fantastic.

Madbeast TAC shenanigans.


I am trying to find more ways to build spells with Dorm in different ways, like Hard Tag or TAC and after DHCing of Million Dollars>Stalking flare (it lets me charge 2 spells and use them, somewhat like Zack Bennett Firebrand into Dorm combos) also other characters who have good synergy with dorm and can also let him do this.

Also practicing Soul Drain combos with Morrigan and how much meter i can steal in one combo.

Super jump confirms with Captain America. Already did one with Nemesis and Taskmaster, just need to perfect Cap’s (if people didn’t find it already).

Also, trying to find a guaranteed unblockable set-up with Viper/Haggar. Trying to make sure people don’t double jump or fly out.

Already answered this in the Zero forums. But yeah, you shouldn’t be going into Tempest but going into Shockwave instead.

I thought C.Viper Rapid Seismos and Staircase loops were a lot harder.

I’m still trying to get the corner flames of faltine loops to work for me. I know quite a few people on here have said they picked them up pretty easily but I just can’t get them to work. I’ve put in at least 10hrs and I can barely get the first two reps. Does anyone have any tips on a good setup to practice them? I’m trying to figure out what the best ground combo is to start with to get the spacing correct. I’m still not sure whether it’s my horizontal or vertical spacing that is incorrect. This has been driving me nuts. I usually don’t have problems picking up a new combo if I just put some time into it, however, I just can’t get this one to work.

iirc condor missile (or some1 else) already showed he could do air normal->jL-Shield Slash then another jShield Slash to bring them down. you found something different?

Mystic Sword L is your best friend. But if you want the perfect combo to start spacing…

c.L, c.L, IP xx Red Grace, Red Grace, FOF, IP xx Mystic Sword L, IP xx FoF, IP, S, [FoF loop]