The Marvel Studios thread | INFINITY WAR: Biggest movie of all time!


Not hype for Ultron, but I was disappointed from day one since Stark is making him.

I get the feeling Quicksilver is going to be ass in this, at least compared to DoFP version.


Oh yeah… I had to go back and save this… because you know they’re going to do a 2nd trailer later that is not even close to the greatness of this one…you can count on the later trailers being inferior in every possible way, probably with some terribly overused “classic rock” song in the background. I should bet money on this exact thing happening.

*yep, that was my Bob Bummer moment of the day right there.


He looks really ass, just like a Death Cargo character. Basically Plasma + Squalo, visual effects included.


I dunno, I was expecting shit to blow up real good when Scarlett witch was going mental.

Digging the Hulk’s Prius (or whatever) car throw/Superman punch combo.

Seriously… Hulk closed the distance hella quick. Don’t under estimate the big man’s speed.


It just makes more sense for Stark to be making him right now in the cinematic universe.


Yeah, I was expecting crazy shit while Scarlet was freaking out. She still seems to just throw red shit at people in this.

And from what I heard, Hawkeye has a much larger role in this.

Still can’t wait, lol.

Edit: I’m hoping they at least don’t fuck up Vision


I noticed dancers on the trailer. I wonder if this movie will show us more of Black Widow’s past.

Also, Thor better say this to ultron during the movie


Also…this will be absolutely guaranteed to be THE most badass robot ever to appear on the big-screen…yes, in the entire history of cinema. I need a time machine to get to the future so I can see this movie immediately. The hype has not been this strong in quite some time… I have already watched the HD version of this trailer a few times over already, in full-screen…

Co-workers will hear all about this greatness and see it tomorrow, whether they like it or not.

yeah, I need to lay down again…


Spader’s voice is PERFECTION. I’m all set on this shitty year, bring on 2015!


Terminator 2 is better.


any word on what witch and quicksilver are gonna be called yet? superhumans or inhumans?


after that we have DoFP Sentinels…which were literally* unbeatable* and bodied everyone FREE. They needed to NOT exist by time travel


@maxx‌ they are calling all future Marvel characters “miracles” as well as those two


They probably won’t be called anything special. They got their powers from cosmic cube experiments. If it somehow ties into the Terrigen Mists then we got Inhumans


we’re talking about marvel. they love labeling shit and trademarking the crap outta of it. this is the same company that co-owns the trademark/copyright/w.e to superheros with dc comics.


That’s the point! Ironic nursery tunes are creepy.




Robert California so good

Wonder how Vision arrives


Someone should’ve told Aaron Johnson to shave his beard cause that shit looks weird with his silver hair.

Spader’s voice is just straight spine chilling. The way he said the final line literally made ultron 100x more badass. And anyone think there will be some significance with the term “strings” or is it just something ultron associates stuff with.

This year is officially done for me. 2015 is about to be marvel’s year.


The strings line is important, because the song playing in the background is about puppets on strings.


2014 was marvel’s year