The Marvel Studios thread | INFINITY WAR: Biggest movie of all time!


Seeing it tonight, and I feel like I should have taken off work. Plus I’m right back with the homies 15 deep on Thursday and 6 deep Friday. This might be the best weekend ever lol.


Just got back from Black Panther. In some ways it’s a very different Marvel movie which is great, where it falls apart for me is when it returns to the Marvel movie formula. The superhero stuff just felt stale, the combat wasn’t anything special I was far more interested in exploring Wakanda, BP’s and Killmonger’s past. When everything turns into smashy smashy CGI shakey cam it gets boring.

I don’t remember where I heard it but someone described it as being Marvel’s version of James Bond, I thought that was an accurate description.

I want to see it again.


I haven’t seen too many combat action scenes in the trailers or commercials I have seen but yeah it does look like the fights will be lackluster. Meh, hopefully the rest of the film like others have stated will be enough to make it a great film.


I just hope it lives up to the hype. Plus it’s been the only marvel movie I’ve ever been excited for.



Trust me fans of BP and the BP comics, this shit was craaaaay-z listen to ya boy. Thinking this movie would never get made to this level.

Wakanda=Insane I mean i was lucky that my friend took me to this early screening but when you first wrap your head around these visuals its like What in thee fuck. Peeps in there was damn near in tears, everything meshed well. The tech, the tribes, the African traditions just beautiful, like 1st trip there and you marrying your Wakandian princess lol. Now its not a basic comic movie how its presented. Most comic movies want us to suspend belief and try hard to make the world/environment feel real but BP you feel that realness!!

This cast=Amazing, now Chadwick we knew had the goods but lemme tell you Michael B as Killmonger!!! they changed a few things w/his origin minor stuff but its his Movie co staring everybody else cept for Shuri, she’s like that that chick but back to Killmonger.

Black peeps will def relate to Killmonger even if they never read a BP comic the way he is presented in this Michael B just kills it. You totally feel him and his motives.

Dora Milaje=perfect, they are unfuckwitable like they should be.

You could try to find bad things about the movie but for me there was none, its IMHO top 3 MCU w/o ?uestion.


Post End Scene

There 2 but BP comic fans be prepared cause they do something different with white wolf, so i dunno how that gonna work but im sure itll be fine lol.



Ya’ll have me jealous but I see the movie solo Thursday and with friends and family Saturday.


Just back from Black Panther, and man that was a great movie.

It’s a definitely cracked my top 3 as far as MCU movies go at the very least (though it definitely has its fair share of problems, and I also expect that to change once Infinity War rolls around). I’ll post more about it later, but if there’s one positive that comes to mind, is that the soundtrack was incredible.

I’ve criticised the MCU in the past for having rather forgettable soundtracks barring the Avengers theme, but this is the one major exception. Hopefully, IW can keep the trend going.


Great review, I agree with everything


Woo dodged the bullet by almost watching 50 shades of feces. Glad wife changed her mind and now we are minutes away watching black panther.


Double post but will use the space anyway.

Movie did not disappoint. Really different kind of Marvel movie because it had emotional moments. It brought wakanda to real life and sticked with the panther spirit legend.

Chadwick really delivers as a dramatic actor. Michael is underrated. Made you feel sympy with his character. Great casting as well.

Also love the formal clothing. Angela can still get it.

Can’t wait for tony, shuri and rocket interact in infinity war.

And lastly, white wolf.

Had some minor gripes but tolerable. 9/10.


Because Science - The Black Panther Vibranium Habit


By the thumbnail I thought it was some Black Panther promo video featuring Chris Hemsworth directed by Taika Waititi.


I went back and edited the post for clarity.


(Ugh. This thread is still grayed out like it has no new posts because of all of RockBogart’s posts got nuked? That’s still annoying.)

I won’t be seeing Black Panther until this Sunday, at earliest, but I figured I could just pop in to do a Debbie Downer safety reminder to just be aware of your surroundings this weekend while going to it. Personally, I still fully expect there to be some type of Aurora-esque incident with regards to this movie unfortunately, especially given what just happened in Florida yesterday and mass-shooters tending to get be the type of people emboldened by other similar events to enact their murderous narcissism; I also wouldn’t be surprised if there was just some more “minor” shooting incident between really ghetto (black) people either to be honest. This is one of those times where I expect the worst yet very much would like to be wrong.

Regardless, stay safe and have fun while watching the movie if you do go see it this weekend.

As much as I don’t really like James Bond personally for the most part, that’s good to hear, especially since it’s probably the closest a black person (or, Hades, a non-white person) will ever get to playing James Bond anytime soon if ever. :coffee:


Saw the movie tonight. I haven’t seen the theatre that packed since The Force Awakens. Never thought I’d live to see a two term black president and a big budget black movie that is sold out.


I was planning on seeing this movie on Sunday, but I might have to go see it on Saturday.

Internet will be a minefield of spoilers.


@“The Furious One” I watched Stuckmann’s review. I can’t disagree with anything he said. In fact, I’m basically in 100% agreement with him.


Enjoyed this movie so much. Very different tone from pretty much any Marvel movie:


About the only complaint I have is that when they leave Wakanda the movie bogs down. Killmonger is probably the best actual villain so far in the MCU


9.5/10…its up there in the top echelon of MCU flims!!

Ready for Infinity War and for this asswhuppin’:


Didn’t love love it, but it was good.

[details=Spoiler]Killmonger is great, but his ending was a bit weak and the whole Black Panther legacy seems pretty fucked. Supposedly we’ll hear more about the legacy in future movies but yeah Killmonger kinda had a point.

I love Martin Freeman, but … not sure what he really added other than being awesome Martin Freeman/MCU-tie-in-of-the-day.

Seemed like a waste of Klaw, but OK.

The Regal Cinemas combo pack with tin popcorn container is pretty tight.

I want a baby rhino.[/details]