The Marvel Studios thread | Soon: INFINITY WAR!


I’m really liking James Spader’s voice for Ultron.


James Spader sounds menacing as fuck.

Already in the running for best Marvel villian by default.


eh, I prefer the Ultron voiced by Tom Kane. This one by Spader sounds too…human. Not robotic enough


Yeah. JARVIS sounds like a real man since Iron Man 1, Ultron’s not inferior to that.


Those are fair points but like I said it’s a preference. Jesus I didn’t say it was garbage and its only the first trailer, there’s enough time for it to grow on me. Eventually it probably will


Now I’m creeped out by james spader saying that pinocchio song.


Hulk bodying Iron Man I see


That was probably Ultron in one of Tony’s HulkBusters. That’s what it looked like to me.


I thought I saw titty at 15 seconds, but when I paused it I think it might just be that lady’s dress.Not sure because I watched on my phone. Looks an awful lot like titty though.



Hawkeye gets like, no fucking screen time, as usual…


Teaser poster:


Hey, atleast there’s his solo movie…oh wait. lol


This Ultros guy looks p cray


You know, poor Avengers, I almost feel bad for these guys, the trailer’s completely dark and angsty, it’s like with every new movie they’re menaced to death :confused:

I would have loved to see just another group shot of them taking care of a menace single-handedly.

Maybe we’ll see that on the movie, however. But the trailers are… You know, every one of them more depressing than the previous one. It starts to make me tired :confused:

I can’t get that excited when I know there’s just going to be much suffering, death, conflict, grittiness… :confused: This is way too dramatic and there was too little heroism in this trailer, me sad :frowning:

Can be sure.


Not hype for Ultron, but I was disappointed from day one since Stark is making him.

I get the feeling Quicksilver is going to be ass in this, at least compared to DoFP version.


Oh yeah… I had to go back and save this… because you know they’re going to do a 2nd trailer later that is not even close to the greatness of this one…you can count on the later trailers being inferior in every possible way, probably with some terribly overused “classic rock” song in the background. I should bet money on this exact thing happening.

*yep, that was my Bob Bummer moment of the day right there.


He looks really ass, just like a Death Cargo character. Basically Plasma + Squalo, visual effects included.


I dunno, I was expecting shit to blow up real good when Scarlett witch was going mental.

Digging the Hulk’s Prius (or whatever) car throw/Superman punch combo.

Seriously… Hulk closed the distance hella quick. Don’t under estimate the big man’s speed.


It just makes more sense for Stark to be making him right now in the cinematic universe.