The Marvel Studios thread | Soon: INFINITY WAR!


Spader’s voice is PERFECTION. I’m all set on this shitty year, bring on 2015!


Terminator 2 is better.


any word on what witch and quicksilver are gonna be called yet? superhumans or inhumans?


after that we have DoFP Sentinels…which were literally* unbeatable* and bodied everyone FREE. They needed to NOT exist by time travel


@maxx‌ they are calling all future Marvel characters “miracles” as well as those two


They probably won’t be called anything special. They got their powers from cosmic cube experiments. If it somehow ties into the Terrigen Mists then we got Inhumans


we’re talking about marvel. they love labeling shit and trademarking the crap outta of it. this is the same company that co-owns the trademark/copyright/w.e to superheros with dc comics.


That’s the point! Ironic nursery tunes are creepy.




Robert California so good

Wonder how Vision arrives


Someone should’ve told Aaron Johnson to shave his beard cause that shit looks weird with his silver hair.

Spader’s voice is just straight spine chilling. The way he said the final line literally made ultron 100x more badass. And anyone think there will be some significance with the term “strings” or is it just something ultron associates stuff with.

This year is officially done for me. 2015 is about to be marvel’s year.


The strings line is important, because the song playing in the background is about puppets on strings.


2014 was marvel’s year


For some reason it feels like IM3: The Movie We Should Have Got

Looks dope

EDIT: Re. Ironman Vs Hulk. Stark and Banner are meant to be best buddies, so does that mean…


Ultron is controlling the hulkbuster?


I’m pretty sure you can see Ultron’s face inside the Hulkbuster armor as the Hulkbuster helmet forms around its head.


To me it looks like a basic Iron Man suit inside a Hulk Buster suit.

So it is either Tony Stark…or Ultron hijacking IM armor.


Oh, my bad. I’ve only watched it a couple of times now - it probably is just Ultron hacking Stark’s shit.


days of future past sentinels were laughably bad and the entire concept around how they could just steal powers was worse than how they looked. i’ll put the “aliens” from the day the earth stood still, movie, over DoFP sentinels. johnny 5 > dofp sentinels.

robot from rocky > dofp sentinels.

edit: oh and the trailer is hype as shit. broken cap shield? incoming black panther movie to help him forge a new/repair the old shield.


I’m too lazy to download the image and edit the part that would be my reaction, so fuck it…

Btw, does anyone know if Avengers 2 will have some connection with the Ant-Man movie? In this teaser they didn’t even mention Hank Pym.


^yeah… “GORT” from The Day the Earth Stood Still is another one of the elite, BAMF robots ever to be seen on film… particularly the one from the remake. GORT could only be stopped by his own master…

Yes, the T-1000 was the previous champion (and naturally, the T-800 before it), but ULTRON will most likely take up the title.

These characters continue to remind us that advancing an AI/robot to the point of self-awareness and true, individual thought processes… that’s only a good idea if we have a quick and convenient way of shutting them down immediately if they get to be a problem.


When I wanna watch badass robots I’ll pop in Robocop.